Butterfield quashes rumours of hacked ATMs

Butterfield Bank today quashed social media rumours its ATM network had been hacked.

A spokesman for the banks said: “We can assure our customers that this statement is false and that it is safe to conduct banking transactions using Butterfield ATMs.”

He added: “We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that they should never divulge their personal identification numbers used for ATM banking or debit card transactions to anyone.

“In addition, PINs should be memorised rather than written down, and certainly never written down and kept in close proximity to their cards.”

The spokesman added that Butterfield staff would never ask for PINs or passwords used in internet banking and that the bank never contacted customers asking them to visit a website to update or unlock their online banking details.

And he said: “Provided customers do not divulge their banking credentials to third parties, they are not liable for any unauthorised transactions in their accounts.”


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