Caesars Hacker Stole Over 41,000 People’s Data, From One State | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

This could be translated as Caesars quietly copping to paying out the ransom demand of the cybercrime gang behind the attack. According to CNBC, the casino chain negotiated the figure down to $15 million from an initial price of $30 million.

Caesars Allegedly Paid Demand Days Before MGM Breach

What’s interesting here is the timeframe Caesars allegedly paid out the ransom demand. It was apparently only a matter of days after the chain apparently paid up that the same ransomware gang, Scattered Spider (also known as UNC3944 or Roasted 0ktapus), hacked MGM in another major breach of Vegas heavyweights.

This highlight something that virtually all ransomware statistics confirm: companies should never pay ransom demands to cybercriminals, as it only encourages them to execute further attacks on similar targets.

Explaining exactly what happened in the breach, Caesars notes that it was the “victim of a social engineering attack on an outsourced IT support vendor that resulted in unauthorized access (on August 18, 2023) to Caesars’ network and the exfiltration of data (beginning on or about August 23, 2023).”


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