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Caldwell School District speaks regarding School Bus Safety | #schoolsaftey

CALDWELL, Idaho — The city of Caldwell has several construction projects around town that might cause some delays for those headed to school this morning, not to mention the number of more vehicles on the road, including school buses, as kids head back to school.

The Caldwell School District as well as the Idaho Walk Bike Alliance speak regarding school buses being one of the safest means of transportation but how illegal school bus passing cause a significant threat to students.

“It’s difficult to overstate the importance of that tiny little red stop sign at the side of the bus,” said David Groff, Executive Director for Idaho Walk Bike Alliance.

It is illegal in Idaho and every other state for drivers to pass a school bus while the stop arm is extended and the lights are flashing. But the Caldwell School District tells us they see it often despite the threat to children and their caregivers.

“Here in Caldwell, unfortunately, we see on a regular basis vehicles that drive right past that stop sign that is extended with its lights out,” said Eric Phillips, Director of Student Safety for the Caldwell School District.

The Caldwell School District alone has 57 school buses that will be circulating daily, that approximately serve 1200 students.
The district serves nearly 6,000 students throughout 10 schools.

“We really want to stress that even though you are frustrated, please come to a complete stop when that sign is out,” said Phillips.

With numerous construction projects around the city, it will cause drivers to take alternate routes, which will cause more congestion around school buses.

“There is no meeting. There is no task so important that we should risk the ability for a child to live a long and happy life,” said Groff.

For those headed to school this morning, the Caldwell School District advises families to head out of their homes an additional 15 minutes early to allow themselves some spare time to assist with that rush and distraction that tends to happen during those first days of school.

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