California Highway Patrol offers school safety tips | #schoolsaftey

SANTA MARIA, Calif.- Officers say to limit distractions while driving and parents should talk to their kids about traffic safety even when they’re in school parking lots.

On Thursday morning one student was taken to the hospital after a school bus was hit in Santa Maria.

“The vehicle made a left hand turn, striking that vehicle, causing that vehicle to go out of control  where it struck the front of the school bus,” said Sgt.Dylan Youngblood, with California Highway Patrol.

The collision happened around 7:32 am.

Local law enforcement officers say traffic increases before and after school hours.

“Just remember to drive slow around school zones. Remember, that speed limit is 25 miles per hour. Slow down even before and after school hours, because we might have a lot of kids who have after school activities,” said Sgt. Charmaine Fajardo, with California Highway Patrol.

California Highway Patrol officers respond to all collisions involving buses.

“If you come upon a school bus that is stopped, please make sure that you are stopping for those students that may be exiting the bus and do not proceed until it’s completely safe,” said Sgt. Charmaine Fajardo.

“We know that a lot of students are busy texting. They have cell phones and they’re distracted or they even have earphones. So they need to be aware of their surroundings and check both ways, just like we were taught when we were young,” said Sgt. Charmaine Fajardo.

The cause of this accident is under investigation.

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