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Call of Duty hackers are flying through the sky in DMZ | #hacking | #cybersecurity | #infosec | #comptia | #pentest | #hacker

Hackers are the bane of the Call of Duty community, and while the devs do their best to stop them with RICOCHET, the third-party software is constantly evolving.

While cheaters are a common sight in Warzone 2 & Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, they’re less common in DMZ. However, more and more bad actors have recently been spotted in the extraction mode, and they’re not just equipped with aim bots.

The hackers have upgraded their abilities and are now flying through the skies at mind-blowing speeds, making them impossible to kill.

CoD cheaters are taking to the skies in DMZ

Taking to the DMZ subreddit, user cynicalgrape shared a clip of a hacker they ran into during one of their matches. Joking that there are now “witches” in DMZ, the cheater can be seen zipping through the air at unbelievable speeds.

With the ability to fly through the skies and lock onto any opponent in sight, the hacker is effectively unkillable. While this is funny to watch, it’s ruining the match for a lot of competitors and wasting their time, which is precious when the stakes are so high in DMZ.

Due to the rampant cheating in MW2 & WZ2, some console players have resorted to turning off crossplay in their settings. This means they will never be matched against PC users, which is where the vast majority of cheaters can be found.

How are hackers able to bypass CoD’s RICOCHET anti-cheat?

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Unfortunately, while the RICOCHET anti-cheat does its best to keep hackers at bay, the third-party software is constantly being improved. As a result, they’re able to bypass the system and remain undetected in some cases. However, sometimes it just takes the anti-cheat a little extra time to pick up that a player is hacking.

According to cynicalgrape, this was the case with the clip above, as the cheater was banned shortly afterwards. “After we got over the initial clapping, we were dying of laughter… This was a bold one, his account disappeared pretty quickly.”

So, while it may be frustrating to encounter a cheater, it’s clear the RICOCHET system is working as intended, but just not as quickly as some players would like.


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