Call of Duty Zombies – Rezzurection Moon Gameplay – How to find Mule Kick!

Here’s how to find Mule Kick on the new Rezzurection Zombie Map, Moon. Here’s how to find Semtex on the new Rezzurection Zombies Map, Moon. Here’s how to find Double Tap on the new Rezzurection Map, Moon! If you liked this video, please leave a rating and favorite, it helps spread the word! Facebook: Twitter: How to find double tap semtex stamin up phd flopper hacking the pack a punch machine how to share points using the hacker mulekick mule kick how to get new perk how to turn on the power radio 1 how to get juggernog jug by round 1 golden rod easter egg co op step 1 rezzurection moon map pack easter egg new call of duty zombies black ops

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