Callers: time to get tough on hackers

The latest round of sensitive security details released by hackers had callers to the Greg Beflrage Show up in arms on Thursday.

“There was once upon a time we used to call this treason, and they were drawn and quartered for that,” said one, a sentiment which was echoed by others. “Like Teddy Roosevelt said, maybe we gotta get a bigger stick,” said another.

According to Greg one caller nailed it right on the head by saying there seems to be a lack of urgency to find those who leaked the documents and bring them to justice. “We need our representatives to be more vocal, I don’t hear them being vocal and being strong, and that does trouble me.” The caller went on to call for all three of South Dakota’s voices in Washington to go on the cable news shows and call for justice to find whoever did the leaking or hacking.

Earlier in the show Senator Mike Rounds told Greg that a Senate subcommittee is working on a plan to add some bite to the USA’s bark when it comes to cyber-attacks. “Are we prepared to use not just cyber, but our other economic means, diplomatic means, and perhaps even kinetic means to take care of these hackers.” That matter is before the Cyber sub-committee of the Senate Armed Services committee, which Rounds is the chair of.


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