Campus upgrades coming to Maysville Schools | #schoolsaftey

NEWTON TOWNSHIP — The buildings and structures on the Maysville Local School campus have stood strong for more than two decades.

But, time, weather and usage have led the district to make upgrades around campus.

Superintendent Brian Blum noted when he joined the district last year, he saw the sense of pride on display with the design of the campus and how everything has been maintained.

He’s looking forward to providing the necessary updates, especially with the Maysville Athletic Complex, the elementary playgrounds and the communication system on the campus.

Brian Blum

“You could see the thought and planning put together by the board of education, the architects and everyone with how the campus is laid out and the design of the buildings,” Blum said. “People did a great job maintaining everything, but it’s time to upgrade some things.”

The major project is Vasco installing new turf, which replaces the old turf that was around 15 years old.

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