Can AI Technology Help Curb Rising Violence In Schools? | #schoolsaftey

It’s no secret that violence in the nation’s schools is a major concern among administrators, parents and students alike. While there’s no simple or foolproof solution, there’s hope that the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology may be able to aid school districts and law enforcement officials.

While the rise of AI does have its concerns, dozens of studies and potential applications are being discovered. This includes everything from increased safety to more cures to diseases, hence why retail investors and venture capitalists alike are pouring billions into AI startups.

How Can AI Be Deployed In Schools?


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AI technology is constantly evolving and growing, as are its capabilities. For that reason, the most educated and forward-thinking school administrators are focused on the available AI capabilities and how they can be implemented to better protect schools.

Here are some potential use cases for AI in schools. 

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The Use Of Existing Resources

Schools operate with limited budgets, so combining existing resources with AI technology is often the most logical step. 

One thing many schools already have in place is security cameras. AI technology can be implemented using most existing security cameras to instantly detect threats to students and staff. AI algorithms like’s Threat Awareness technology can be used to identify people carrying weapons and alert school security personnel in real-time.

AI Predictive Analytics

AI predictive analytics, when used for school safety, can help prevent a threat from arising. The algorithms can analyze data from various sources, including social media, student records and incident reports, to identify potential threats before they escalate. 

For example, predictive analytics can be used to monitor social media for signs of cyberbullying or threats of violence and alert school administrators to take action before any harm is done.

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License Plate Detection With AI

License plate detection technology already helps a wide range of government and private entities control and monitor access to their properties. An AI solution that can pull against a database of registered and permitted vehicles can raise the alarm at the first sign of an unauthorized visitor. 

“Cybersecurity threats, physical security breaches and the rising threat of active shooter incidents are serious concerns for schools,” said Co-Founder Brian Sathianathan. “Conducting a security assessment is critical for identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities and developing an effective security plan. This is where AI-powered threat detection comes in, providing advanced capabilities to analyze vast amounts of data in real-time and identify potential risks and vulnerabilities — all the while helping officials respond quickly and effectively to prevent harm from occurring.”

Multiple mass shootings at schools in the United States have occurred again this year. This has led administrators, law enforcement agencies and governments to consider all options for addressing the crisis, which includes the increased use of AI technology. 

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