How can Australia’s technology sector retain the best cyber-security staff?

There is no doubt that the more we come to rely on technology, the more likely we are to be held ransom by it if we do not have the right systems – and staff – in place to mitigate the risks of this happening.

And with new legislation now making it compulsory to report all data breaches to the Australian Government if your business has an annual turnover of more than $3 million, the need to find and retain the right cyber security staff has never been more important.

I have worked in the cyber security sector since 2009 and in that time, I have seen the demand for talented cyber security increase exponentially.

This is particularly true for the past two years where we have seen exceptional growth in this space as businesses – small, medium and large – have become more aware of the need to ensure their data is secure.

So how do you compete against other organisations head-hunting your best staff? Are your cyber security staff happy to plan out a career with your organisation?

It is not just about the money

Many organisations make the mistake of thinking they can retain their cyber security staff simply by raising their salary packages, but this approach rarely works long-term.

Yes, specialists in cyber security command high wages because of the value of their work and the demand for their services.

However, in our experience, we have found time and again that job satisfaction is the key to retaining your top cyber security staff.

Cyber security is a unique field which attracts a unique set of creative-thinking, problem-solving devotees who love a challenge and finding solutions to problems. In short, they like a challenge.


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