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Types of Grapevine Communication

In any organization, grapevine communication can happen in four ways. They are as follows –

  1. Single Strand Chain
  2. Gossip Chain
  3. Probability Chain
  4. Cluster Chain

Single Strand Chain

Single Strand Chains are those which follow single-chain transmission.

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For instance, A tells to B, who tells it to C, and so on. The longer the strand, the more is the distortion and filtering impacts. For instance, on the off chance that any worker is on the verge to be announced as the new manager, then, at that point, this message keeps transmitting in a solitary chain.

Gossip Chain

Gossip chains are those wherein groups of individuals get together to talk about issues of shared interest. These chains are by and large viewed as lethargic in passing the data.

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Probability Chain

A probability chain is an informational network where every one of the individuals haphazardly tells others the same message. However, the source of each person is different.

grapevine media & cloud_inner_03

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Cluster Chain

A cluster chain is a network where somebody first tells the message to the selected people and then selected people pass similar data to other selected people and the interaction proceeds similarly.

grapevine media & cloud_inner_04

Image source: Geektonight

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