Can Hackers Destroy ‘Nintendo NES Classic’ Legacy?

If you have managed to acquire an NES Classic Edition over the holiday season, you may already be bored and tired of the 30 classic games that are pre-installed on the system at this point. Nintendo has already made it clear that the miniature NES console replica will not be receiving any new games, especially with having no WiFi protocol to download them.

Hack can now add 30 more games to the NES

But despite that, it hasn’t stopped budding hackers from infiltrating Nintendo’s prized console and adding more games.

Just this week, separate hacker groups from Russia and Japan have figured out soft-mod solutions towards adding new games to the NES Classic. This means you won’t be needing a screwdriver or a soldering iron to mod yours.

How to do the hack

According to the guys at Reddit’s NESClassicMods community, the solution will only work if you’ve created a save file in Super Mario Bros’ first slot. Chances are, you have already done this just by playing the game, since creating game saves is easy now with this system.

Once you’ve managed to do that, you then need to connect your NES Classic Edition to a computer via micro-USB cable, then boot the console in “FEL” mode. This is done by holding down the console’s reset button while pushing down the power button at the same time from a powered-off state.

While you’re booting, you are also required to run a “sun xi-FEL” interface on your computer.

Hacking can be risky

The rest of the steps will firmly be “operating at your own risk,” as it will now require you copying your NES Classic’s internal data to your computer, then modifying and adding files through an application made by hackers.

Doing so includes the dubious step of supplying your own ROM files, which you may have trashed from your own cartridges or downloaded from other online users. This step can be dangerous and, if done wrong, can potentially destroy your NES console.

So before you do this, make sure you have done enough research and practice to pull it off successfully.


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