Can Jorge Nuno Been Hacked?

As you know, we have been reporting about political websites that take donations for many years.  Although donations can start at $10, if the website is “hackable” a cyber criminal can max out a persons credit card with one transaction.  The website directs anyone who wants to make a donation to the campaign to the website, a web site run by Nation Builders.   The hackers can use one line of code to randomly send you  to the hackers website that looks identical to Nuno’s website.   After the credit card information is entered, the hackers will send the customer a message saying that the charge did not go through and then send them to the the correct site

  • We found that the website has over 41 vulnerabilities.  This means that there are 41 different ways that a hacker can gain access to the website, according to the website Am I Hacker Proof –
  • had a record 1034 vulnerabilities –


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