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If you get together with a new partner, either at a social event or, as is increasingly likely to be the case, via a dating site, the odds are considerable that you will find yourself dating a football fan. If you are an enthusiast, then there’s no issue. But many people find the spectacle of 22 players kicking a ball around a pitch to be about as exciting as watching the white paint dry on the perimeter lines. Can football destroy a relationship?

What Makes A True Football Fan?

True football fans are defined by loyalty, no matter the fortunes of their favoured team. Even the most successful clubs will experience an ebbing and flowing of success. There might be seasons where they win major competitions, and attract the signing of star players. But few outfits maintain a consistent level of achievement. Take the example of the English Premier League side, Manchester United. They have won more trophies than any other English team, but have now gone eight seasons without winning the league. Fickle supporters might start gravitating to other clubs. True fans will turn out to watch their heroes, regardless of league positions, or inclement weather.

Can a football match be ideal for a date?

If you are a football fan, the best way to meet someone like you is online dating sites. According to dating experts from rollosfaciles, dating platforms can easily match people according to compatibility, with in-built algorithms that will identify your favourite interests and point you towards other site users sharing your passion. Singles going onto these websites will tend to focus on the physical attributes of prospective partners, and generic personality traits, such as their sense of humor, or the type of job they do. But the popularity of football means that many individuals will list this sport, either as a spectator or a player, amongst their main hobbies. Should they happen to be keen on digital dating, when they submit a personal profile for the consideration of other singles, they are likely to state this preference near the top of their ‘all about me’ description. But if you aren’t so keen on football, all is not lost. You might find it hard to believe, but a match can still make the ideal background for a date.

The most successful football clubs can attract vast audiences into their stadia, making for a captivating arena for entertainment. Even if the thought of players getting involved in frenetic matches leaves you cold, if your partner has a preference for one of the larger teams, say Manchester United again, should they purchase a ticket for a big match, especially a contest against fierce rivals (Manchester City or Liverpool), the chances are you’ll find yourself getting swept along by the incredible atmosphere. When tens of thousands of fans are roaring, singing, brandishing massive banners, or reacting to events on the field, this is where the adage will prevail: ‘if you can’t beat them, join them!’

Signs that you might love football more than your girlfriend

Do you make excuses to cancel dates where there’s a calendar clash with your team playing? Is your social life centered on the football season, with liaisons with your partner taking less priority? Would a new partner supporting a rival team be a game-changer? It might be time to accept football matches last 90 minutes, relationships much longer!

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