Canadian Cops Have a New Plan of Attack Against ‘Political’ Cybercrime and Anonymous

After several high-profile investigations into Anonymous failed to net results, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are looking to set up a cyber crime team in Ottawa that will tackle online threats to Canada’s “political, economic, and social integrity.”

The RCMP Action Plan to Combat Cybercrime was unveiled Wednesday, and lays out the federal police force’s plans for the next four years. In discussing the plan, the police force’s lead agent on cybercrimes insisted that while there may be no public movement on the investigation into Anonymous hackers, he suggested that work is ongoing.

The action plan says the force will be acquiring new gear to house and analyze data, setting up better relationships with international policing agencies to catch cybercriminals worldwide, and improve its recruiting efforts to get more technology-minded recruits on the force.

One of the goals under the plan is to set up a cybercrime team, based in Ottawa, tasked to “investigate the most significant threats to Canada’s political, economic, and social integrity that would negatively affect Canada’s reputation and economy.”

The team “will have the capacity to target cyber-related criminal activity targeting the federal government, national critical infrastructure, and key business assets.”

The government has had a spotty record on that front so far, with government departments frequently finding themselves the victims of phishing and malware schemes.

Ottawa has also had problems with hackers and leakers targeting the federal government. For years, hackers have run Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks against government websites, often in retaliation for government legislation. Earlier this year, a hacker got their hands on documents pertaining to the technology infrastructure at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s foreign bureaus.


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