Canadians tasked with outhacking the hackers

Keeping hackers out of connected networks is just as essential to its success as brakes are to an automobile.

One of the foremost providers of security in the connected-automobile world is TrustPoint Innovation Technologies, of Waterloo, Ont.

“We provide a very high level of security in very constrained environments,” says President and CEO Sherry Shannon-Vanstone.

Modern security solutions are based on Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC); TrustPoint’s expertise is in ECC.

The company was founded by Shannon-Vanstone and her late husband, Dr. Scott Vanstone, the University of Waterloo mathematician who first developed and patented ECC solutions for the commercial world.

The U.S. Department of Transportation recently selected TrustPoint’s technology to be at the core of its automated-vehicle infrastructure. Other clients include Transport Canada, several automakers and Tier One suppliers.

After stints as a mathematician with the U.S. government and at a Silicon Valley start-up, Shannon-Vanstone joined Certicom in 1994 as its VP of sales and marketing.

While she still loves math, she does less of it these days in favour of communicating and marketing TrustPoint, contributing to discussions with stakeholders on how to progress with the fully autonomous driving vehicle, and promoting Ontario as the place to design and build the devices.


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