Car Insurance Prevents Identity Theft With Digital Proof!

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — has released a new blog post explaining how to protect against identity theft by having digital proof of auto insurance.
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Identity theft through auto insurance is a common practice. Many drivers do not keep their insurance cards in a secure place, as most of them will leave it the glove compartment. This may not be the best place to store such personal information as thieves can steal it and with it, the owner’s identity.
More and more agencies offer digital proof of insurance which is stored on the client’s phone. This means that the client will have proof of insurance anywhere he/she goes. It will also be more difficult for thieves to get their hands on personal information.
Carrying the paperwork with you at all times seems to be the safest way to prevent identity theft. The number of car burglaries has increased this year and many people are at risk of having their identities stolen.
Identity theft is a big problem in the United States and many people can fall victims to it. The impact identity theft has on its victims is very serious. Many will have trouble with credit card companies, banks and even employment. Recovering the identity back is a long and tiresome process that involves spending a lot of money and time.
Digital proof of auto insurance offers better security against identity theft. Many agencies have mobile apps through which clients can check their current premiums and provide proof of insurance to law enforcement authorities.
Comparing online auto insurance quotes can also be done digitally. Drivers can compare multiple auto insurance prices by visiting a single website: Here, they can get multiple quotes in just a few minutes, by completing an online quote form.
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