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Car seat, booster seat requirements and laws in Michigan: What to know | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Summer’s here and the open road beckons. In a state like Michigan, where miles of natural lake coastline and historic small towns provide vacation outposts to suit any family’s preferences, plenty of getaways are just a car ride away.

That makes keeping kids safe and happy on the road an essential part of summer vacation. Seat belt laws first took effect in Michigan in 1985, and 94% of drivers buckle up. (Although did you know that Michigan’s seat belt laws came under major fire when they were first introduced?) These safety measures are basic: click it or ticket, as the warning goes.

But car seat laws and guidelines are a lot murkier. It can be tricky for parents or caregivers to know which are laws, which are recommendations, and what guidance applies to their child at different ages and stages.

When a kid begs to move into a booster seat or a toddler whines that he wants to face forward, it can be tempting to deliver. So, when can you actually move your back-seat driver to a booster seat or let your preschooler turn her seat around?

First, the laws

According to Michigan’s Child Passenger Safety Law, children younger than 4 years old must ride in a car seat in the back seat, assuming the car has one. The only exception is if all the seats in the back of the car are already taken up by car seats for kids younger than 4, you can put a car seat in the front seat. If you do that, make sure you disable the air bag. 


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