Card skimming device found in Tuscumbia

Authorities are alerting the public about a little-known means used for identity theft that could show up at the gas pump or automatic teller machine.

The device, called a card skimmer, can pick up information from your card. One was discovered last week at a Tuscumbia gas station.

Authorities did not name the station but said the skimmer was found inside a gas pump by someone who was doing repair work on the pump.

Tuscumbia police investigator George Sharp said scammers know how to hook the devices to the gas pumps within seconds.

Sharp said that is trouble for the consumer, especially if the scammer accesses your Personal Identification Number.

“They are getting information off the card’s chip on their computer,” Sharp said. “If you run your card as a debit card, you put in your PIN and then they have your PIN as well as your card information.”


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