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Talk about a hairy situation.

A fairground in India spiraled out of control when a woman’s hair got caught on a Ferris wheel, prompting a mad dash to cut her free as crowds of stunned carnival attendees watched in horror.

Video of the terrifying incident, shared by the Sun, shows a woman unable to move as carnival staff hastily try to detangle her hair from the massive structure in Dwarka.

A woman’s hair got caught in a Ferris wheeel at a carnival in Dwarka, India.
Newslions Media
Carnival staff had to climb the ride to free the woman.
Carnival staff had to climb the ride to free the woman.
Newslions Media

As the carnival ride came to a stop, a group of men climbed up about 25 feet in order to try to free the woman who had gotten entangled in the ride.

Throngs of locals gathered around it, watching in horror as the woman was saved from what could have been a near-death experience, the UK paper noted.

The footage showed the men hacking away at her hair — which had to be completely chopped off to free her, according to the report.

All of the woman's hair had to be cut off to free her.
All of the woman’s hair had to be cut off to free her.
Newslions Media
A crowd of onlookers at the carnival.
A crowd of onlookers at the carnival.
Newslions Media

“The lady was writhing in pain,” witness Pramod Kumar told the outlet. “Who will be held accountable for this unfortunate incident?”

About five men in total jumped into action to help save the woman after she had become entrapped.

“I hope we learn a lesson from these incidents and such incidents won’t take place in the near future,” another eyewitness said.

The terrifying situation unfolded in the town of Dwarka during the Shireshwar Carnival in Khambhalia, Gujarat.

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