Carson City deputies arrest 18-year-old for drinking alcohol at local casino, lying to police about her name, and felony warrant | Carson City Nevada News | #coronavirus | #scams | #covid19

An 18-year-old Carson City woman was arrested at a local casino for minor consuming, possessing alcohol in public; false identification to avoid prosecution; and a felony juvenile probation violation warrant.

According to the report, Jaralyn Grayskys Plympton was arrested after deputies were dispatched to a local casino on a report that an underaged female was being served alcohol by staff.

The reporting party identified Plympton and dispatch advised she had a felony warrant for her arrest for juvenile probation violation.

Deputies located Plympton who was sitting at the bar with her older sister. Plympton gave a false name, and deputies told her they knew that wasn’t her real name.

Deputies escorted her outside the casino and asked for her name again, at which point she stated it was Plympton. Deputies asked if she knew she had an active warrant for her arrest and she said she did.

She provided a preliminary breath test sample which resulted in a .100 BAC. She was taken into custody without incident.

No bail on the warrant.

— A 31-year-old was arrested at a local big box store for use of chemical to produce euphoria or hallucination after allegedly huffing dust off in a field behind the store.

According to the arrest report, a citizen called to state a person was passed out in the bushes after huffing dust off, and that there were multiple cans around him. A short time later, the man got up and began walking back towards the store. The citizen stated the man was wobbling and appeared to be under the influence.

A short time later, the store’s lost prevention officer called deputies and stated they had located a man passed out in the store’s bathroom with multiple cans of dust off in a bag.

Deputies went and spoke to the man, who, according to the report, “looked at us, backed up, then turned around and huffed a can of dust off right in front of us. (The man) did not stop until the can was physically taken from his hands.”

He was taken into custody because “it was clear (the man) was using the dust off in a manner that was contrary to the directions, cautions and warnings which appeared on the label to create intoxication, euphoria or hallucinations.”

Bail: $1,137

— A 38-year-old Carson City man was arrested on a domestic battery warrant, a violation of a suspended sentence warrant, obstructing and resisting.

Deputies were dispatched to a residence on Slide Mountain Dr. regarding a possible domestic dispute. Dispatch advised the man might live there who had two active warrants out for his arrest.

Deputies met with a man on the front porch, and asked if he was (the man with the warrant’s name). He said he was not, which they later determined was a lie.

The man’s girlfriend came out and stated there was no dispute and that they had simply been loud while playing darts. She said the man with the warrants was not at the residence.

An hour later, deputies were dispatched to the location again regarding the man and the girlfriend. The man’s son had called in advising there was a dispute between the two, and advised they were at a local casino. Deputies received a photo of the man and confirmed it was the same man they had spoken to on the porch.

Deputies located him outside a furniture store where he was sitting on a low wall talking on the phone. Deputies told him multiple times to set his phone down, according to the report.

Deputies reached for the phone, and he pulled the phone away and told them “Don’t f******” and then “stared angrily” at deputies. Deputies stated in the arrest report they believed he was going to be uncooperative.

Deputies asked for a cover unit and reached for the man’s arm to place behind his back. The man tensed up and attempted to pull away and attempted to grab the deputy’s arm. They began wrestling and deputies grabbed him around the shoulders and pulled him to the ground before climbing on top of him.

At this point, deputies were able to get his hands behind his back and put him in handcuffs.

Medics responded to the scene as the man received a scrape to his forehead. They cleared him, and he was transported to jail where he continued to be verbally uncooperative.

At the jail, the man blew a .281 BAC.

Bail: $3,049; $1,000 cash only

— A 48-year-old Reno an was arrested for trespassing at a local casino.

According to the report, the intoxicated male was asked multiple times to wear a mask and refused, and so was asked to leave.

When deputies went to speak to the man, who was on his phone, he put a finger up to the deputies telling them to wait. The man was then placed in handcuffs.

He was transferred to Carson Tahoe Hospital for medical clearance, where he blew a .329 percent BAC, then was transferred to the jail.

Bail: $242

— A 20-year-old Carson City man was arrested for possession of methamphetamine and cocaine, possession of paraphernalia and a failure to appear traffic warrant issued out of Laughlin Justice Court.

According to the report, Tyler Vaughn Freeman was arrested after deputies were dispatched to a College Parkway apartment building on a report of a domestic.

When deputies arrived on scene, a man in an apartment opened his window and told deputies where to go. As deputies went to the location, they saw two women walking down the stairs from the building. One woman had a large bandage on her collar bone and was being assisted by the other woman.

The mother told deputies that her daughter had had her collar bone broken in a car accident a few days earlier and had fallen. They told deputies she had gotten into an argument with her boyfriend, later identified as Freeman, because DCFS had been called after her accident and were going to do a home visit.

They were supposed to clean their room but Freeman was not getting up. The girlfriend became upset and called her father who called her brother, who came to the apartment and told Freeman to “Get the f*** out.”

Deputies went up to the apartment and were let inside. Deputies made contact with Freeman who said no battery had taken place, and that the brother had just shaken him to wake him up because he feared he had overdosed on Xanax, which was lying on the bed beside him.

Dispatch advised the man had an active warrant for his arrest, and was placed in handcuffs.

While walking to the patrol vehicle, the man told deputies he had cocaine in his back pocket. Deputies located a tooter straw, a small container with methamphetamine and a small white “rock” of cocaine, along with a baggie containing six pills of Xanax.

Bail: $4,155

All information for the crime log (unless otherwise noted) comes from the arrest reports supplied by the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, and is considered by law to be public information. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The policy of Carson Now is to name anyone who is arrested for a felony offense.

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