CAXAM Systems Analyst

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), a leading IT Solutions and Engineering Services company, is now accepting applications for this contingent position.

Job Summary:

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. seeks qualified Cheatham Annex Asset Management System (CAXAM) Analysts to support the NAVELSG Support Services program. Daily support is executed by a team of qualified mechanical, electrical and electronic craftsman, technicians and engineers with experience in equipment, Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) and Material Handling Equipment (MHE).  Required support also involves providing logistic specialists with experience in Integrated Logistics Support / Overhaul (ILS / ILO) Center procedures, Table of Allowance (TOA) management, and the functions of the command’s maintenance support activities.  

Duties and Responsibilities: 


Execute the following duties:


  • Network Operations Computing and Communications
    • Provide network operations support to ready and maintain computing and communications equipment required in the TOA builds. Prepare equipment deficiency reports and provide recommended and required corrective actions. Develop configuration documentation for all computing and communications systems not yet provided. Provide a preventative and corrective maintenance plan for the computing and communications systems in the TOA builds. The contractor shall have the Deployable Joint Navy Enterprise Tactical Command and Control Variant 1 System, AN/TSQ-292(V)1 Certificate of Completion.  Basic Radio Frequency Course CIN G-101-1501 is also required.
    • Analyze, evaluate and test system interoperability and document, where necessary, the configuration for computing and communications equipment not already provided. Provide logistical support to the TOAs Automated Data Processing equipment.
  • Engineering and Technical Support
    • Provide engineering and technical support to assist NAVELSG forces in conducting system and equipment assessments and repair. Provide engineering support for identification and correction of design and material condition deficiencies.
    • Perform mechanical and electrical system maintenance checks on board assigned/designated Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE), Material Handling Equipment (MHE), Civil Engineering End Items (CEEI), Hatch Boxes, and ISO and ISU cargo containers to determine project scope, repairs and necessary replacements in accordance with approved work requests. Assessments will include an engineering analysis of TOA systems, components and sub-components to determine system compatibility. TOA systems and sub-systems that fail compatibility assessments will be reported to the government with an engineering analysis of the deficiencies and recommendations for correction.
    • Maintain detailed Objective Quality Evidence in Cheatham Annex Asset Management System (CAXAM) for all assessments and work accomplished. Approved Process Control procedures will be utilized in the execution of assigned tasks; process procedures may be NAVELESG forces or Contractor generated.
  • Integrated Logistics Support
    • Provide integrated logistical support to provide services to identify parts, material, and specialized tools and equipment. The Contractor will document Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) usage and will assist in establishing and/or maintaining inventories.
    • Analyze and apply inter-operability methods for military technical data with other Navy and/or DoD logistics applications. Prepare Quality Deficiency Reports (QDR) for incorrect or defective components. Conduct and document technical research and data normalization efforts for TOA, integrate logistics outfitting/overhaul, repair and replacement of parts using available tools including FEDLOG, DAMES and HAYSTACK or other programs; inspect, control and document usage. Document and maintain findings and material status in CAXAM as required.
    • Ensure configuration management of assigned equipment and document configuration and configuration changes including the red lining drawings. Make recommendations regarding TOA, CESE, MHE, Hatch Boxes, International Standards Organization (ISO) and Internal Airlift/Helicopter Slingable-Container Unit (ISU) cargo containers and shelters configuration control and management procedures. Ensure equipment has the necessary level of configuration documentation to support proper technical documentation and technical manuals both operating and repair part lists.
    • Manage Special Commodity Push Block/Commodities (hazmat, subsistence items, batteries, etc.).
    • Develop Stowage Documentation Plans for assigned TOA in preparation for deployments.
    • Manage configuration data in the Weapon System File in Configuration Data Managers Data base – Open Architecture (CDMD-OA). Assist with maintenance functions.
  • Integrated Logistics Overhaul
    • Provide integrated logistics overhaul services to assess, evaluate, and conduct repairs required to restore equipment to operational status. Conduct visual and functional checks, operational and underway tests; open and inspect, identify required repair and replacement parts, and identify spares for procurement.
    • Support routine assessment and testing onboard assigned equipment, MHE and CESE, including conducting system and equipment functional tests to achieve TOA ready status.
    • Conduct engine inspections onboard various equipment, MHE, CESE and CEEI for proper performance to achieve TOA ready status. Review logs, records, engine hours and scheduled maintenance requirements and document findings, recommendations and corrective actions.
    • Provide welding and fitting support services for repairs to equipment, MHE, CESE and associated equipment.
    • Conduct pre and post-delivery acceptance inspection at designated sites, document finding’s, assist with discrepancy documentation, and corrections.
    • Maintain a work force capable of supporting Mobilization and Reconstitution of TOA assets utilizing CAXAM. Support On Order Event requirements for TOA assets. Provide NAVELSG help desk support via telephone, e-mail and other electronic means on a routine or emergent basis.
    • Assist with assessment, troubleshooting, and repair of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems and standard auxiliary systems on equipment, cargo containers, shelters, CESE and MHE assets.
    • Provide engineering support to assist in identification of alteration and up-grades, and installation and repairs.
    • Use durable bar code or Item Unique Identification (IUID) marking formats, based on government requirements.
    • Translate data from locally designated legacy databases into the established standard data elements utilized by CAXAM in order to interface with designated Automated Information Systems (AISs). Provide user system analysis of the current asset management solution (CAXAM).
    • Analyze the data requirements within CAXAM and include a common location schema for the multiple storage areas across command locations, research and assignment of Local Stock Numbers (LSN) when a valid National Stock Number (NSN) is not available. Provide a warehouse layout and location marking for each storage area. The location schema shall be flexible enough to add locations as required. Provide, within CAXAM, a method for producing user defined/generated queries and reports, by location, for user during events such as site inventories, receipt processing, and equipment issue processes.
  • Shelter/Container Design, Modifications and Integration
    • Perform Shelter/Container Inspection and certification functions.
    • Repair Shelters/Containers.
    • Install and integrate new equipment into existing shelters.
    • Test all components and equipment to ensure operational readiness.
    • Preserve and update markings
    • Maintain containers in accordance with required maintenance standards.
  • Configuration of Material Warehouse Facilities. Assist with the configuration of multiple warehouse facilities. These facilities will incorporate, but are not limited to:
  • TOA Material Receiving Area
  • CESE and CEEI Maintenance and Repair Area
  • Hatch Box Production and Overhaul Area
  • Long term preserved storage for TOA sets, CESE, CEEI and Containers
  • Environmentally controlled office space for Contractor and government personnel
  • Complete coverage of a wireless network system to facilitate real-time TOA transactions and direct communications with the CAXAM program and internal communications between hand-held terminal (HHT) users throughout the facility.
  • TOA storage aids to accommodate incoming TOA material placed in inventory pending production builds.
  • Segregated storage areas for each completed TOA. The TOAs will be stored in a deliberate, planned manner to facilitate rapid and efficient build upon activation.






  • Should have detailed knowledge of AIDC system integration and deployment in a DOD environment.
  • Should have CAXAM AIDC media and hardware equipment deployment experience.
  • Responsible for establishing users in the system and granting the appropriate initial access to personnel. Controls all access to CAXAM and monitors all transactions.
  • Should have a detailed understanding of NAVELSG business processes and reporting requirements and directs utilization of CAXAM by cross functional teams during the execution of command operations.
  • Should have detailed knowledge and experience using automated logistics information systems. Detailed concept of TOA program is required.
  • Must be able to obtain and maintain a minimum of a SECRET clearance.

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