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National Amusements, the cinema chain and corporate parent giant of media giants Paramount and CBS, has confirmed it experienced a data breach in which hackers stole the personal information of tens of thousands of people. The private media conglomerate recently disclosed the breach, which occurred in December 2022, and affected 82,128 individuals.

Details of the Breach

The breach was discovered by National Amusements in August 2023, several months after the incident occurred. The company has not provided specific details about the stolen personal information, but it is believed that financial information, including banking account numbers and credit card numbers along with associated security codes, passwords, or secrets, were compromised. The breach notification letter was submitted by the company’s human resources chief, suggesting that the stolen data may pertain to employees.

Impact on Customers and Users

It remains unclear whether the personal information of National Amusements’ customers or users was also affected. The company has not provided further information regarding the breach or any potential ransom demands. National Amusements has not commented on the incident, and spokespersons for CBS and Paramount have also remained silent on the matter.

About National Amusements

National Amusements owns and operates over 1,500 cinemas across the United States. The company is best known for its controlling stake in Paramount and CBS following the Viacom-CBS merger in 2019.

Separate Security Incident at Paramount

In a separate incident, Paramount disclosed a security breach in August. The hackers obtained personal information, including customer names, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers or other government-issued identification numbers. The exact number of affected customers was not specified in the filing with the Massachusetts attorney general.


The data breach at National Amusements has raised concerns about the security of personal information. As the company continues to investigate the incident, affected individuals and customers are advised to monitor their financial accounts and take necessary precautions to protect their identities. National Amusements, CBS, and Paramount should provide timely updates and support to those affected by the breach.


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