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Washington – The Computer & Communications Industry Association congratulates New Mexico lawmakers for the passage of a bill that will incorporate digital citizenship and media literacy education into school district and charter school curricula throughout the state. In addition, the bill also provides professional development to teachers regarding how to teach digital citizenship. In combination with protections exercised by digital services, education that empowers young internet users with the skills needed to engage safely and appropriately online bolsters child safety and privacy online.

The Computer & Communications Industry Association supports tech policy that promotes online privacy and safety through digital literacy education and its members have been implementing design features and tools to help promote online protections for younger users. 

The following can be attributed to CCIA State Policy Director Khara Boender:

“CCIA applauds New Mexico lawmakers for taking action to incorporate media and digital literacy into the curriculum for students, as this education provides a vital resource for children and young adults, helping them understand how to consume media and navigate online spaces in a responsible manner. Such educational efforts can work in tandem with industry settings and tools designed to help promote safety online.”

About CCIA:

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