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Some students are yet to have proper classes following CCSD cyber security incident response

Thousands of Clark County School District students and staff are still not back to normal after a cyber security incident more than a week ago.

“My biggest thing right now is what do we do to get her back in class?” said frustrated parent Brandi Hecht.

She says the cyber security incident announcement last Monday from an incident in early October is leaving her 6th grader struggling.

Harli is in the Homebound program where she learns virtually because of her health issues.

“My daughter is basically too sick to go to school,” said Hecht. “So, she learns through CCSD. She is given a teacher that helps support her in the sixth grade, but she still has four online classes.”

With many systems affected, and some even shut down for a few days last week to protect data, Hecht says Harli hasn’t had a class in eight days.

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The district said in a statement Monday that it has been working to reset student and staff account passwords but that there are delays because of the high volume of requests.

But Harli has another issue as well.

“She’s a homebound student and is completely locked out of her Chromebook,” said Hecht. “Her password has not been changed yet through Google, because it apparently has to be done on campus. But she’s not on campus.”

In CCSD’s statement, it also said staff password reset requirements were extended until Wednesday at 5 p.m.

High school teacher Reuben D’Silva says educators are having to work around the issues to teach students in the classroom.

He says Tuesday about 50 percent of his students had access to their classroom programs on their Chromebooks.

It’s an issue that he says is worse in some classrooms.

“Some teachers that are you know, 100% you know, have a digital classroom with the students come here but everything is done online,” said D’Silva. “I mean now, whether it’s a presentation, whether it’s on Canvas, assignments, how they upload work, so on and so forth. I’m kind of hybridized. So, I was able to like, you know, survive really, you know, over the last week. I had all my students – do actual essays on paper.”

He says teachers also can’t get into some of their needed online tools, including emails.

“I’m still having difficulty accessing my Google Workspace from home,” said D’Silva. “So, I have to stay at – here at Rancho [High School] to get to get all my work done. But there’s another teacher I spoke to today. She’s having the same issue and can’t get any grading done.”

And then comes another issue.

“I have no idea if any of our information was leaked,” said Hecht. “And a little bit of that is worrisome. You know, I have kids with lots of medical documents and you know, doctors’ names medications.”

“I’m definitely concerned about that,” said D’Silva. “I just don’t know. You know, we haven’t got too much information about that yet.”

CCSD had another incident Friday where a construction-related incident affected Internet access for all staff and students

This was unrelated to the cybersecurity incident, and the internet service was fully restored.

As the cyber security incident goes, News 3 has asked the district who and how many people were impacted, and what information has been compromised.

News 3 also asked what families and staff need to know about cyber safety moving forward.

They responded with the same statement from Monday but have yet to answer these questions after two emails on Tuesday.

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