CDANS Cyber Defence and Network Security

January 25 – 26, 2017 | London, UK

CDANS 2017 – Understand what your government and military partners are doing to improve the cyber resilience of the nation, and what your organisation needs to be doing to help in this fight

In July 2016, NATO officially recognised cyber security as a domain of war, and as such recognised that international law applies to cyberspace. This briefing came as no real surprise to anyone working in the cyberspace realm within the militaries across Europe, in fact google any NATO country and cyber security and you will see the relevant Minister of Defence promoting the need to improve national cyber capabilities.

With state (or at least nationalistic) cyber threat actors attacking national systems, such as the hack on Obama’s schedule, recently the release of Olympic athletes data, cyber security continues to dominate both the news, and these organisations priorities. The UK government invested a record £1.9bn to improve the UK’s cyber resilience, with the new National Cyber Security Center (who are confirmed to speak at the event) opening in November 2016 to lead the effort at national protection; this highlights how the focus has shifted onto cyber resilience, and as such, places CDANS in a perfect place to facilitate this national conversation.

Don’t miss this opportunity to attend on the 25th and 26th January, and engage in the international debate regarding the focus we must be placing on Cyber Security, and understand how best to guide your future defensive investments.


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