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As we mark the 5th anniversary of the Hacking Point program, a pivotal component of Check Point Infinity Global Services’ (IGS) MASTER pillar, it’s a moment of reflection, celebration, and anticipation. The journey of Hacking Point has been nothing short of extraordinary, setting benchmarks in cyber security training and development. By focusing on the significant role of IGS, this post delves into how Hacking Point has become a beacon of excellence in cyber security education, the impact it has created, and the promising horizon that lies ahead.

A Vision Realized Through IGS

Under the aegis of IGS, Hacking Point was conceived with a visionary approach to cyber security education. Recognizing the acute need for skilled security professionals, Check Point aimed to bridge the knowledge gap in the industry. IGS has been instrumental in curating a program that not only addresses current cyber security challenges but also anticipates future threats. Through Hacking Point, IGS can offer Check Point customers a wide variety of Cyber Security at an affordable price, that can take novices and young professionals to highest and most advanced levels within the Cyber Security field. In its five years of existence, Hacking Point has empowered thousands of security experts globally, enabling them to master a comprehensive range of Pen Testing techniques and Cyber Security practices.

An Unparalleled Educational Journey

Hacking Point’s curriculum is a testament to Check Point’s commitment to excellence and innovation in education. With more than 3,000 courses taken by Check Point customers over the years, the program offers a deep dive into cutting-edge Cyber Security threats. The collaboration with industry giants such as NotSoSecure, Cybrary, OffSec, Payatu, and Monnappa K A, ensures that learners receive unparalleled education at unbeatable prices. Whether it’s through self-paced platforms like Cybrary and OffSec or live virtual training courses with NotSoSecure, Monnappa, and Payatu, Hacking Point caters to diverse learning preferences.

Impact and Achievements

Over the years, Hacking Point has significantly contributed to shaping the cybersecurity workforce. The completion of hundreds of thousands of training hours by Check Point customers is a monumental achievement. It highlights the program’s effectiveness in equipping professionals with the skills needed to protect corporate networks and resources diligently.

Looking Ahead with IGS

Nevertheless, IGS’ Hacking Point team are not resting on its laurels. With a forward-looking mindset, Hacking Point is committed to expanding its offering via IGS MASTER pillar, and aims to introduce more training and development content, further solidifying Check Point customers as key players in closing the cybersecurity workforce gap. The focus remains on offering the best reskill and upskill educational offerings in the market, ensuring that Check Point continues to be at the forefront of cyber security education.

In Conclusion

The 5-year journey of Hacking Point under Check Point Infinity Global Services’ MASTER pillar is a story of commitment, innovation, and impact. It reflects a continuous effort to empower the cybersecurity community with knowledge, skills, and insights. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to the advancements and expansions that lie ahead. The journey of learning and development continues, with IGS leading the way in shaping a safer digital future for all.




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