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Our 2023 Mid-Year Cybersecurity Report found that cyberattacks surged 8% in the first half of 2023, with more attacks than ever before. Cyber criminals show no signs of slowing down. Unfortunately, researchers at ISC2 predict that by 2025, there will be 3.5 million unfilled positions within the cybersecurity workforce. Let that sink in for a moment. More than anything else, the existing gap within the cyber security workforce is our industry’s main challenge. It’s so massive that no single organization can tackle it on its own.   

Recognizing this growing need Check Point developed the MIND organization, under the umbrella of Check Point Infinity Global Services. Our Infinity Global Services delivers end-to-end security service offerings that help customers prevent advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and enhance their security resilience strategy. Infinity Global Services consists of four main pillars: “Assess,” “Optimize,” “Master,” and “Respond.” The MIND Learning & Training portal represents the “Master” pillar, by providing a one-stop-shop for cybersecurity professionals and enthusiasts seeking to enhance or update their existing knowledge and skills. 

Through strategic collaborations with industry-leading vendors in the cyber education field, we are able to offer specialized training and certifications in areas such as C-level governance and skill development courses, as well as comprehensive organization-wide cyber awareness programs to Infinity Global Services customers around the world.  

What makes the MIND organization unique among the vast landscape of the cyber education industry, is the exceptional training partnerships it is built on. In this post, we proudly celebrate a significant milestone achieved through our collaboration with our  partner NotSoSecure, a training division of Claranet Cyber Security.  

NotSoSecure has been a true ally in sharing Check Point’s vision of minimizing the skills gap by offering a complete and affordable course roadmap that can take a cybersecurity beginner all the way to the most advanced of levels.  

Earlier this month, our educational alliance surpassed the 20,000-hour benchmark of hacking training content consumed by cybersecurity students and professionals from all over the world. 20,826 hours to be exact, spread out over 1,564 days of training. This milestone serves as a testament to the impact of our joint organizational path and our mutual contribution to combating the cybersecurity skills gap.  By presenting courses that focus on a practical, hands-on approach, participants are able to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios and develop the critical thinking and problem-solving abilities needed to make the professional impact our industry needs.  

According to Eitan Lugassi-Gilad, VP, Infinity Global Services, “Through our strategic alliance with NotSoSecure, Check Point Infinity Global Services Division reaffirms its commitment to bridging the cybersecurity workforce gap. Together, Check Point MIND and NotSoSecure aspire to empower more individuals with the necessary skills to combat cyber threats and create a safer digital world. 

John Slone, Claranet Cyber Security Executive VP in the US, adds, “We are absolutely honored to be able to provide NotSoSecure Hacker Training through Check Point’s distinguished Hacking Point training program. As a strategic partner, we look forward to contributing to the continued success of this amazing hacker training program.”  

As the demand for qualified professionals in our field continues to rise, so do our efforts to meet it with a growing portfolio, which consists of a complete roadmap to becoming an advanced professional, starting at the Hacking 101 (CCPA), moving on to Web Hacking (BWH) or Infrastructure Hacking (BWH) and following up with their higher-level counterparts: Advanced Web Hacking (AWH) and Advanced Infrastructure Hacking (AIH). We’ve continued to release new training modules, including DevSecOps (CCPA) and Cloud Security (CCPE) courses, as well as our newest Ready, Steady, Hack course for C-Level executives. All courses offer industry-recognized certifications upon taking their respective exams at Pearson VUE and/or official participation badges for successful completion of the course.   

With each student who receives cybersecurity training, the global cybersecurity workforce grows stronger and better equipped to safeguard our digital landscape. Through the Check Point – NotSoSecure alliance, we are determined to empower more individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to fortify our collective defenses against ever-looming cyber threats and foster a safer and more secure cyberspace for everyone.  

Visit the MIND portal to learn more about our cyber workforce development offering. 


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