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Centific and Prove Identity have partnered to bridge the gap between cybersecurity and fraud protection. This initiative will redefine the digital security landscape by offering a holistic solution for ensuring data privacy, identity verification, and digital fraud protection that protects businesses and their customers while also enhancing customer experiences.

This joint effort by Centific and Prove Identity aims to provide a one-stop-shop for businesses looking to enhance digital security while providing safe and seamless customer experiences. As a result of this partnership, organizations will be able to stay ahead of rapidly evolving fraud tactics and protect their customers from identity theft and cyberattacks.

“Centific’s partnership with the premier identity verification and authentication platform at Prove allows us to seamlessly integrate those insights into our offerings,” said Sanjay Bhakta, Centific’s VP and Head of Solutions. “This synergy enables us to combat fraud at an unprecedented scale, frequency, and efficiency—drastically reducing risks for both businesses and consumers.”

By leveraging insights from Prove Identity’s streamlined identity verification solutions, Centific is poised to deliver safer online buying experiences for consumers and advanced fraud protection services for businesses.

“We are excited to partner with Centific to bring next-generation identity verification and authentication solutions to even more businesses,” said Scott Greenhut, SVP, Channel and Partnerships at Prove. “Together, we’re not only addressing common vulnerabilities and fortifying defenses against fraud—we’re also making customer experiences faster and easier.”

Centific’s security offering couples its partnership with identity verification and authentication platform Prove, its vast experience in digital fraud protection, and a proprietary blend of Generative AI to accelerate the insight-to-action timeline, allowing for rapid threat signal analysis.

The integration of Gen AI with advanced fraud protection services helps ensure that the platform is dynamic enough to adapt to new threats and evolving customer needs. The result is a series of AI-generated security rules and policies that overlay thorough fraud protection capabilities to Prove Identity’s already expansive digital identity solutions.

While this improved functionality will empower organizations across industries with greater cybersecurity, fraud protection, and identity verification, businesses in the retail and ecommerce spaces stand to experience the greatest improvements to their security posture.


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