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RESTON, Va. — Centripetal today announced that it is expanding its offering to include CleanINTERNET DNS to preemptively safeguard businesses against web-based cyber threats. Unlike other DNS filtering products that rely solely on blocklists, CleanINTERNET DNS leverages advanced threat intelligence from multiple providers to proactively prevent users from accessing malicious websites and harmful content.

DNS, the internet’s directory service, plays a crucial role in online communication by translating domain names into IP addresses. Despite its immense value, DNS remains largely invisible to most users. However, the internet is plagued by malicious activity, and DNS can unwittingly aid hackers in redirecting and defrauding unsuspecting users. Even with ongoing efforts to educate employees about cybersecurity best practices, over 80% of breaches stem from human error, with more than half of employees falling victim to phishing emails that lead them to known malicious websites.

“The proactive use of intelligence is the only viable solution to help organizations navigate the ever-evolving threat landscape. DNS, often overlooked as a mere utility service, wields immense power in safeguarding sensitive data,” said Jonathan Rogers, COO of Centripetal. “The launch of our DNS solution will set the new standard for the application of the majority of the globe’s threat intelligence into an enterprise’s DNS solution. A single attack can cripple an entire network within minutes, making DNS protection a critical linchpin in our defense against cyber adversaries.”

Key benefits include:

  • Total DNS Protection: Mitigating the risk of malware and phishing attacks on valuable business assets while also shielding users from accessing malicious sites.
  • Comprehensive DNS Request Oversight: Interrogating both outbound DNS requests and inbound DNS responses for any malicious websites or IP addresses.
  • Robust Cybersecurity Posture: Improving security awareness among users in an effort to help businesses further protect their valuable assets.
  • Unparalleled Reporting: Centripetal’s team of Intelligence Operations Analysts provide reports on DNS activity to help identify questionable behavior and unusual traffic while also allowing companies to gain visibility into user interaction through DNS filter logs.
  • Rapid Deployment: Implementation happens in just minutes by easily routing requests to Centripetal’s CleanINTERNET DNS service.

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