Certified Cyber Security Consultant

Today, every major University, Community College and Trade School offers some type of cyber crime training as a degree or certificate. What is not taught is how to utilize your newfound degree or certification as a consultant.

Most people think of computer security or cyber security experts as computer geeks working in a basement of some government agency or corporation protecting their networks from being hacked. That could not be further from the truth. There are numerous aspects of computer security and cyber security. The first steps in making money as a cyber security consultant is to have knowledge in almost every area of computer security, cyber security, website security, cyber blackmail, cyber extortion, website security, cell phone security, social media security, corporate and personal security.

National Cyber Security “Certified Cyber Security Consultant” Course Makes it Easy And Affordable To Gain The Knowledge To Be Recognized As A Top Consultant In Cyber Security Industry

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There are 3 types of security experts:

1) The computer security guru. This is the person who knows almost everything about computer hacking, computer forensics, network security but knows nothing about business or marketing. They don’t have the people skills, communications skills or marketing skills.

2) Then you have the business man who has the people skills and marketing skills, but does not have the technical expertise that the computer security guru has.

3) Then it’s the 3rd type. The type that knows security, business, and marketing.

As a Certified Cyber Security Consultant you will learn the technical side and the business side.

As A Certified Cyber Security Consultant, Your Clientele Are Unlike Any Other Clientele Of A Security Expert

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Most security experts work for large corporations, government agencies or even law enforcement. A CSCC, your clientele will be professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, corporate executives, small business, parents, attorneys, private investigators and anyone who has a problem to solve and know where else to turn. Your clientele will call you from every Continent in the world.

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Cyber Security Consultants Are Not Hackers, Their Problem Solvers

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Your mission as a cyber security consultant is not to hacking, but to solve your clients problems.

Your will learn:

1) Cyber Extortion

2) Cyber Blackmail

3) The ends and out of Cyber Bullying for kids, colleges kids, in the work place and on social media.

4) Consult with clients that have been hacked.

5) Consult with clients on cyber and computer security prevention.

6) How to write cyber and computer security office policies.

7) How to train attorney’s, law enforcement, CEO’s, Mayors, Governors, Presidents, Pastors, General Managers and business owners on cyber and computer security prevention, investigations laid out in laymen terms.

8) How to consult with entertainers, athletes and other celebrities, when they have become a victim of a cyber crime, cyber extortion, cyber blackmail or any other hi-tech crime.

9) How to consult with hospitals, medicals offices and doctor offices, small and large.

10) How to consult with consumers and small mom and pop business on all their security needs.

11) How to train Parents about Online Child Safety.

12. How you can work with HR (Human Resources) in any organizations ranging form a small business, big corporation or government agency on how to prevent employee work-place-issues that involved some type of technology.

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Certified Cyber Security Consultants Go Against The Grain

While other cyber security certifications programs teach 1 of 2 things; how to hack and how not to be hacked. As Certified Cyber Security Consultant, you will learn how to consult with clients that are being cyber blackmailed, cyber extorted, personal computer as well as corporate network hacks, cyber bullying on a personal level as well as corporate level, personal and corporate spying, dating scams, cyber fraud and parenting security.

Let Us Help You Start Making Money The Day You Complete Your Course

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After you complete this course our partners with will help you get started.

1) You will receive a phone number with extension that can be forwarded to your personal office or cellphone. You can use this number on business cards, stationary and websites. This is a popular number that is advertised by our partners all over the world.

2) You will receive a free business account on our partner AmIHackerProof.com. and receive free daily leads on what websites are vulnerable to hacker’s and/or have been hacked, with all contact information.

3) We will give a daily listing of websites (including the name, phone number and other contact of the website owner) from around the world that have been hacked.



This course is taught both as a self-paced online course as well as in a classroom setting.

What is included in the course:

  • Instruction by an expert facilitator
  • Online Assistance
  • Specialized manual and course materials
  • Personalized certificate as a Certified Cyber Security Consultant

What you receive:

Participant Guidebook – This manual is filled with tons of open source intelligence resources that continue to enhance the learning process after the workshop is over.

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Please note: CCSC in know way an alternative to the technical certifications such as CEH, CISSP, CPT or other certification from EC-Council or ISC2.


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