Champaign Co. organizations band together to boost Unit 4 school safety | #schoolsaftey

Concerns for safety are growing following a shooting last month near Booker T Washington school.

Champaign Central High School Senior, Nessa Bile, was present at Monday’s board meeting and said the incident was triggering for her after witnessing the Highland Park mass shooting last year.

It’s been 15 months since the shooting and I still not have been able to go back to the area of downtown Highland Park where I laid on the curb and feared for my life,” Bile said. “I can’t even wrap my head around how these young children from Booker T. Washington can go back to school, see the place where their window was shot through and continue to learn.

Champaign Police Chief Tim Tyler told News Channel 20/FOX Illinois that the department meets Unit 4’s security team to create strategies to cover campus and utilize its “District Commander” initiative created earlier last year.

So with that we have broken out our patrols that every community get the adequate patrol strategies that they need, but also with having officers assigned to certain communities,” Chief Tyler said. “It builds up that one-on-one relationship

When asked how this method played a role in the September 14th incident, Chief Tyler said officers were able to respond quickly given they still have the surrounding neighborhood to patrol also.

We were there within less than 2 minutes after we got the call,

Tyler said.

News Channel 20/Fox Illinois contacted Unit 4 for comment and it provided a list of security measures to support everyone at Booker T. Washington with help from local organizations.

It includes floating security guards, bullet proof windows and community liaison from Champaign Park District to monitor the area.

Chief Tyler added that officers stay close to schools during arrival and dismissal times to make sure no students are bullied or fights break out.

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