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In an era where digital frontiers are continuously being reshaped, the participation of Audrey Tang, Minister of Digital Affairs and Chairman of the National Institute of Cyber Security, at the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kyoto, Japan, marks a significant milestone not just for Taiwan but for the global community. Invited by the United States, Tang’s involvement aimed to champion Taiwan’s stance on cybersecurity and international cooperation without compromising its dignity. Amidst the digital realms, where every move is scrutinized, Tang’s strategic approach to maintaining Taiwan’s presence on the international stage underscores a narrative of resilience and diplomacy.

Breaking Barriers Through Digital Diplomacy

Tang’s engagement at the IGF was not a straightforward affair; it was a carefully navigated journey through the complexities of international politics and digital governance. By signing up as the chairman of the National Institute of Cyber Security, Tang ensured Taiwan’s voice would be heard at an official UN meeting, a feat that is often hampered by geopolitical tensions. The forum, which encourages stakeholders from around the world to partake in discussions on internet public policy innovation and development, provided an ideal platform for Tang to articulate Taiwan’s vision and commitment towards a secure and cooperative digital future.

Despite initial criticisms surrounding her participation, it became clear that Tang’s presence was a strategic move to facilitate meaningful dialogue and exchange. The IGF, with its diverse assembly of countries and international organizations, presented an opportunity for Taiwan to underscore its dedication to cybersecurity and international collaboration. Through her proactive engagement, Tang not only represented Taiwan but also highlighted the importance of inclusivity and cooperation in the digital age.

Virtual Participation and Diplomatic Endeavours

Understanding the potential for unwanted reactions from unfriendly parties, Tang opted for virtual participation to sign the Declaration for the Future of the Internet. This act of digital diplomacy allowed her to sidestep traditional barriers and engage with the global community directly from the safety of the digital realm. Furthermore, her travels to Japan to exchange views with officials from friendly countries on the sidelines of the meeting exemplified Taiwan’s active pursuit of diplomatic channels and international partnerships.

In a move that further solidified her commitment to Taiwan’s international presence, Tang participated in the Freedom Online Coalition ministerial meeting using a diplomatic passport, after having lost her personal one. This incident underscores the challenges and unpredictability inherent in international relations and digital governance but also highlights Tang’s determination and adaptability in navigating these challenges to uphold Taiwan’s interests and dignity on the global stage.

Taiwan’s Stance on Cybersecurity and International Cooperation

Audrey Tang’s participation at the UN Internet Governance Forum was not just about maintaining a seat at the table; it was a testament to Taiwan’s active role in shaping the future of internet governance. By engaging in discussions on government-related topics, signing international declarations, and fostering dialogues with officials from friendly countries, Tang exemplified the essence of digital diplomacy and international cooperation. Taiwan’s proactive stance at the forum, championed by Tang, signifies a broader commitment to contributing to global discussions on cybersecurity, digital innovation, and the development of public internet policies.

The narrative woven through Tang’s participation at the IGF is one of resilience, diplomacy, and the unyielding pursuit of a cooperative and secure digital future. It serves as a reminder that in the digital age, boundaries blur, and the realm of international cooperation extends far beyond traditional diplomacy. Audrey Tang’s journey at the IGF not only elevated Taiwan’s position on the global stage but also highlighted the pivotal role of digital governance in navigating the complexities of today’s interconnected world.


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