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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Champions for Children stopped by East Texas Live on Friday to talk about their utilization of Project Lifesaver.

Project Lifesaver is a search and rescue program for individuals with some sort of cognitive or behavioral condition that causes them to wander, Julee Renfroe with Champions for Children explained. A person wears a waterproof bracelet equipped with radio tracking with a frequency police can dial into.

Whenever a child gets lost, the parents call 911 and tell them their child’s name. Police can find the unique radio frequency the bracelet gives off and hopefully locate the child from there. They will also have access to a wealth of information from Project Lifesaver on the child and their cognitive abilities, nicknames and more.

The Alzheimer’s Alliance has been using Project Lifesaver for its clients and helped Champions for Children get involved.

“The situation, it looks exactly the same: Someone gets out of their house, they wander away,” said Andria Horton with Champions for Children. “Children with autism tend to wander toward water, which is an obvious fear for their parents. Just like with Alzheimer’s clients, many times these children don’t know necessarily how to verbalize their name, their parent’s name, their address, their phone number, so when someone finds them and asks them ‘Who are you and where do you belong?’ They may not be able to tell them.”

The battery is replaced every 60 days. The band can be personalized or decorated to the child’s liking.

“The radio device in this is what makes it work, and the time factor is so important because the sooner public safety can get to these children, whether it’s fire, police, whatever rescue department, then the time is reduced greatly because of the radio frequency,” Renfroe said.


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