Change admin password in less then 1 minute!! (Using Notepad)

Hey sup! This version of “Hacking the password of a administrator” is for computers which blocked the “Start + r” hot key. This blocking is most used at schools and library’s. With this way, you CAN hack the password :D. If you just follow the video you will be fine. If not (noob) then here is the list which is also in the video: 1. Open word or notepad 2. Type in the following line: net user administrator 123456 pause (ENTER IS REQUIRED) 3. Go to file, Save as. And then save it as a .bat NOT .TXT. Example: Test.bat 4. Open the file you just saved and you are done. If the cmd isn’t blocked there is a faster way to do this. Check this video for the faster way. (IF THE CMD IS NOT BLOCKED ON THE COMPUTER!) Comment and rate, and if you got any questions comment and I’ll reply as soon as possible. Edit: Whoa, 1,5k views! Thanks every one. 2Edit: Okay so I got pretty much comments and other messages, about “Access Denied”. This means that your Administrator (probably) disabled the command: net user administrator Changing the administrator’s password can still be done but it’s much harder and complicator then shown in the film. Maybe I’ll make a video about the other way but not without enough requests. So if you get the message “Access denied” and you still want to change it then just comment and if enough people will comment with a request I’ll make a video. So maybe you guys will see me in a newer movie. Thanks for watching and check my other video’s!

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