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Top left: Bronagh McLaughlin and Caitlin McLaughlin R.I.P. Bottom left: The poster detailing the tournament in Galliagh. Right: Bronagh’s niece Faela McLaughlin and Caitlin’s sister Rua Mahon with the Championship Cup. (Photo: GCR)

The Galliagh Community Response (G.C.R.) Memorial Cup will take place at Leafair pitches from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday, November 25, in aid of Foyle Down Syndrome Trust.

Team places are filled and sponsorship forms are still available.

Bronagh McLaughlin and Caitlin McLaughlin R.I.P. (Photo: GCR)

Bronagh McLaughlin and Caitlin McLaughlin R.I.P. (Photo: GCR)

Both Bronagh and Caitlin were treasured by their families, friends and the wider Derry community and each made a hugely positive impact on those they came into contact with during their short lives.

Bronagh McLaughlin was a member of the Foyle Down Syndrome Trust and a volunteer at Children In Crossfire. She passed away back in October 2021.

The poster detailing the tournament in Galliagh. (Photo: GCR)The poster detailing the tournament in Galliagh. (Photo: GCR)

The poster detailing the tournament in Galliagh. (Photo: GCR)

In a tribute to Bronagh at the time, Foyle Down Syndrome Trust said they would forever remember “Bronagh’s wonderful smile, infectious laugh and her immeasurable enthusiasm for life, all of which had a positive impact on everyone she met”.

“She touched our hearts, brightened our minds and uplifted us all in a moment,” they added.

Children in Crossfire meanwhile paid tribute to Bronagh’s warmth and kindness, and spoke of how she bright “so much love for life and love for others with her”. “She set an example to us all about the power of positivity.”

Caitlin McLaughlin passed away suddenly in June this year.

Speaking to the Journal recently as they launched a stunning mural dedicated to her in Galliagh, Caitlin’s family spoke of the immense impact she had in life and the huge sense of loss in the community following her passing.

“She had everybody wrapped around her wee finger,” her father Seamus said, while her aunt Ciara said: “She was the bubbliest wee girl.”

Her uncle Mo remembers he as ‘the most loyal, genuine, loving person you could meet’ and her aunt Orlaigh recalled her as someone who was ‘very caring’.

The football tournament in memory of Caitlin and Bronagh has now been launched by relatives, and a large banner unveiled at Galliagh roundabout.

Each team competing in the GCR Championship Cup will have seven players and three substitutes.

Parking is available for players and spectators at Northside Shopping Village, and there will be soup and sandwiches afterwards at the GCR offices at Northside Shopping Centre.

To collect sponsorship forms, call in to the GCR office at Northside Shopping Centre 10am to 3pm Monday to Friday, or send a private message to the Galliagh Community Response Facebook page.

You can send a message via: https://www.facebook.com/GalliaghCommunityresponse


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