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The Play Station in Milan is the perfect place to allow your kids to get all of their energy out while you relax.

The Play Station has a very open concept that allows parents to see where their child is playing at all times. They have two trampolines, twin slides on their playscape, toddler climbing structure, and a infant area. Plus, they have a gymnastics area. Filled with vaults, beams, poles, bridges and other fun equipment. Everything is covered in soft material to insure your child’s safety.

The Play Station also offers a room fully dedicated to magna tiles! Build on the walls, tables, or floor. See how tall your tower or castle can grow. They also have a space dedicated to birthday parties, and very comfy spots for parents to relax with free wifi.They do allow you to leave and come back for naps, or lunch, and they offer snacks, coffee and tea for parents as well. The Play Station is open Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm. Admission is $10 per child.
The Play Station is located at // 9 Wabash St, Milan, MI 48160


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