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Cybersecurity solutions specialist, Check Point Software, has announced the global availability of Quantum SASE, the world’s first hybrid Secure Access Edge (SASE) system designed to protect hybrid work and cloud networks.

Quantum SASE is a game-changer, being the only hybrid SASE solution available, and thus capable of delivering twice the internet security performance by integrating both on-device and cloud-based protections. This unique approach tackles the issue of internet security latency commonly encountered by users of exclusively cloud-based SASE products, providing a ground-breaking solution to this longstanding problem.

This release underscores Check Point’s leadership in the field of advanced cloud security. The advent of Quantum SASE integrates proprietary technologies from Perimeter 81, a recent acquisition by Check Point. The new offering seeks to reconcile the need for a unified user experience, simplified SASE management and fast, reliable browsers with the increasing demands of hybrid work and cloud network integration.

The dominance of hybrid work systems necessitates a robust and comprehensive solution that can enhance internet security performance and allow for seamless navigation of the digital space. Amit Bareket, VP, Security Service Edge at Check Point Software Technologies, explains: “As the lines between digital and physical realms become increasingly blurred, businesses need a comprehensive, consolidated, and collaborative security strategy. With Quantum SASE, Check Point stands as the pioneer security partner, offering a Hybrid SASE solution.”

Quantum SASE’s key features include enhanced internet access, zero-trust access, ease of deployment, optimised SD-WAN performance, and unified management. It ensures a native, localised browsing experience with robust security and privacy. With the provision of a system that guarantees least privilege access for all (irrespective of location or device), the integrated solution significantly bolsters cloud and on-device network protections. Users can expect Quantum SASE to take no more than an hour to roll out due to its user-friendly administration.

The integrated solution showcases industry-leading AI Threat Prevention harmonised with smooth internet and network connectivity and an autonomous steering capacity for over 10,000 applications. The unified management feature consolidates a single-vendor SASE with a combined console for all on-premises and cloud firewall portfolios, exemplifying the highly efficient and sophisticated structure of the Quantum SASE system.

Check Point’s commitment to developing next-generation SASE and preventative security is evident in the Quantum SASE launch. With this revolutionary product, the cybersecurity leader continues to assert its supremacy in the market as it provides high-speed and highly secure next-generation firewalls and SASE capable of countering cyber threats in hybrid and cloud environments.


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