Chesterfield restaurant worker faces 17 counts of credit card theft

Chesterfield Police say a woman who worked at a restaurant stole credit card information from several customers.

Jaquade Carty faces 17 counts of credit card theft. Investigators say she allegedly took numbers from cards while working at a restaurant, and those numbers were used again at different places.

Chesterfield Police say it happened while Carty was working at Kick Back Jacks on Midlothian Turnpike. It was first reported at the end of March, but the theft of credit card numbers dated back to March 8.

NBC12 spoke to a manager at Kick Back Jacks, who said he wasn’t aware of the situation and couldn’t confirm whether Carty ever worked there. NBC12 was referred to corporate, but we were unable to get through to a voicemail box Wednesday.

“It’s very scary. You try to do everything, you think you’ve got the chip card and everything, but that still doesn’t protect you,” said Angelia Fridley.

Fridley says an unrelated incident has happened to her before. Someone has taken her information, attempting to steal hundreds of dollars from her account.

“I was watching the news, and I got a text from my bank – am I at this store in Chesapeake? I thought, ‘heck no! I’m at home on my couch watching TV,'” she explained.

It’s the reason she gets alerts from her bank. She’s thankful if her card is flagged for possible suspicious activity.

“I would rather have that then to have to worry about my money and people getting into my account,” said Fridley.

Chesterfield Police say there are ways you can protect yourself from identity theft, such as writing “Ask for photo ID” next to your signature on the back of your credit cards.and carefully checking bank statements can help protect you.


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