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Brian S. Spicuzza, a 48-year-old resident of Leonardtown, MD, has been convicted and sentenced to a hefty 75 years in prison for grave crimes involving the rape and sexual assault of a minor. The verdict, announced by St. Mary’s County State’s Attorney Jaymi Sterling, underscores the community’s commitment to child safety and justice for victims of sexual offenses.

“This case was an incredibly difficult one to bear witness to due to the egregious acts of the offender,” Sterling said. “But I want to extend my profound gratitude to the jurors for their perseverance and diligent efforts. Their conscientious work has undoubtedly made our community a safer place tonight.”

The relentless action of the jurors in the face of disturbing revelations throughout the trial was not the only notable contribution to the case’s successful outcome. Sterling also praised the crucial efforts of Senior Assistant State’s Attorney Sarah Proctor, who prosecuted the case diligently on behalf of the citizens of St. Mary’s County, Maryland.

Furthermore, the Child Protective Services Division of the Department of Social Services and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were recognized for their tireless dedication and professionalism. Their commitment to justice was instrumental in bringing the case to its successful conclusion.

The Honorable Joseph Stanalonis presided over this high-profile case, culminating in the jury finding Spicuzza guilty on all six charges. Notably, this verdict followed Spicuzza’s previous conviction by a separate jury for three counts of possession of child pornography. That conviction resulted from a three-day jury trial held in December of the previous year, as the Southern Maryland Chronicle reported.

Spicuzza’s 75-year prison sentence sends a resounding message that the justice system in St. Mary’s County will not waver in its dedication to protecting its youngest and most vulnerable citizens. The case is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the county’s legal teams, law enforcement, and child protection services.

Sterling’s declaration, “Our community is safer tonight,” is both a commendation for the diligent work involved in this case and a commitment to the ongoing vigilance necessary to keep St. Mary’s County safe. It also serves as a stark reminder to potential offenders that such vile actions will be met with the full force of the law.

Spicuzza’s conviction and consequential sentence are emblematic of St. Mary’s County’s unwavering stance against child sex crimes and a warning to potential offenders. It asserts the justice system’s commitment to safeguarding the community, a significant victory for justice, and a stern warning that such heinous acts will be punished severely.


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