Child-Proof Your Kitchen Cabinets With This Clever Wooden Spoon Hack | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

This popular TikTok video makes keeping your kids safe a breeze. All you need to do is close your kitchen cabinets tightly. Then, place a long wooden spoon through the door handles so it is evenly set in the middle of both handles.

Next, take a medium-sized hair tie and fold it over one side of the spoon. Finish it off by stretching the other half of the hair tie and slipping it on the other side of the spoon. The spoon prevents the cabinet from opening, and the hair tie keeps it in place.

You’ll want to make sure the hair tie is large enough to stretch the span of the spoon, but you don’t want it to be too big, or else it won’t help keep the spoon centered. While you want to purchase a standard cupboard child safety door lock, this hack comes in handy when in a pinch or even when visiting relatives who don’t have childproof locks.


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