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According to the South African Government, National Child Protection Week in South Africa is an event held to raise awareness of children’s rights as outlined in the Republic of South Africa’s Constitution and the Children’s Act. The campaign is primarily led by the South African government, specifically the Department of Social Development in collaboration with other government agencies and civil society organisations that provide child safety services.

Sandton SAPS was part of the presentation.

Little Ashford Pre-Primary School in Buccleuch welcomed various departments to educate young children about the role they may play in ensuring the safety of children. This was to commemorate Child Protection Week, which took place from late May to the beginning of June.

Zanele Shabalala, Grace Maema, and Esau Boikanyo from the City of Johannesburg.

The Child Protection Hotline, Sandton SAPS, and the Department of Social Development were part of the presentation, which highlighted the safety and danger of strangers.

“I speak to the little ones and educate them on body strangers, safety day, how to keep safe in public, and how to keep clean. I came to Little Ashford to speak to the kids about what a bully is, and how to be a better friend, and I spoke about keeping safe in public and what kids need to do to make sure that their parents keep them safe,” said Alisha du Plessis, from the national centre for child protection.

Alisha du Plessis stands in front of the Little Ashford board.

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