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Child Safety USA is coming to Effingham! Participate with your child or contact to provide your support and sponsorship for this wonderful cause!

Child Safety USA operates a program aimed at providing a robust safeguard in the event of a child going missing. Utilizing state-of-the-art digital fingerprinting technology, the program ensures high-quality fingerprints that can be employed by law enforcement, including the FBI, in the recovery of missing children. Unlike traditional ink-rolled fingerprints taken at civic events, the digital fingerprints obtained through Child Safety USA are instrumental in investigations.

Notably, the program respects privacy, as no personal information is collected or stored. Parents or guardians receive a hard copy of the visit, containing an 8 1/2 x 11 Bio Document featuring the child’s photo, full description, and digitally captured fingerprints using custom-made software. Sponsors play a crucial role, as their names and addresses are prominently displayed on each printout, offering continuous visibility and goodwill association.

Child Safety USA encourages sponsors to support the Amber Alert Project, aimed at photographing and fingerprinting all children in Effingham County and surrounding areas. This initiative aids in preventing human trafficking, abduction, family disputes, runaways, or cases of lost children. Sponsors enjoy recognition through certificates given to participating families, signage on promotional moving van billboards, and display materials at the project location.

Monthly investment options range from a $50 corporate logo or small name to a $125 corporate logo of larger size for one year with option to renew and additional opportunity to reach more children. Child Safety USA will start in the first week of March and anticipates significant press coverage and local interest, offering sponsors a meaningful connection with grateful families and the community at large.

Contact Bruce Niebrugge at (217) 821-8450 or email [email protected] to show your support in this wonderful cause, today!


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