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Child Safety Zone bus routes come in below cost, for now | Local News | #childsafety | #kids | #chldern | #parents | #schoolsafey

Parents residing in either of the two Child Safety Zones approved by Lockport City School District voters this past May can rest easy knowing the buses are on track and their children will be transported to and from school.

Assistant Superintendent of Finances Deb Coder answered questions about the Child Safety Zones and the costs to the residents for them on Thursday.

“What the law requires is we have to be totally up front with the taxpayers so when we put out a child transportation solution we have to say, ‘on the off chance, this is what it could cost the district to transport these additional students.’ We have to tell them what it might cost,” Coder said.

However, currently the five students who live north of East Avenue are able to be picked up on an existing route. The anticipated price tag to rent a small van to pick up those students was $72,000.

“We didn’t need to put them on another van this year,” Coder said.

In the larger Child Safety Zone, bounded by High, South Transit, Walnut and Erie streets, 220 students are also due to be picked up this school year, that were not before. For that endeavor, Coder said that Transportation Consultant Kevin Love and Ridge Road Express were able to find a way to transport all those students, without having to rent two more buses, which would cost $164,000.

Coder did note, however, that the situation may change.

“We won’t have to rent those additional buses for the start of school, but it doesn’t mean in the future if more student move in there, we might have to,” she said. “Which is our legal requirement under the law that we have to say to the taxpayers. There could be an additional cost.”


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