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4 months have passed since Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography..

To the surprise of many, the 33-year-old boy was released on bail within 48 hours of his detention.

However, Josh was not allowed to return to the house where he previously lived with his wife and six children.

(((Anna Dagger is currently pregnant With the 7th child of the couple. )

As a result, Josh lives in the homes of Jim Bob’s friends Maria and Lacount Labor, whose children are fully grown, and is eligible to act as Josh’s guardian while awaiting trial. there is.

Not surprisingly, this arrangement didn’t have problems for long.

For starters, Anna seems to have put her children in a pawn shop for her sister Priscilla. So she is free to spend most of her time at Labor’s house.

“Anna spends most of her time with Josh at Rebers. Her family helps raise all the children,” a close insider told the British tabloid The Sun.

“She takes them to him or they are taken care of while she is alone, she refuses to believe he is guilty, even though he has been accused. increase.”

The children have visited Josh several times, but sources claim that they spend most of their day with their aunts and uncles as a result of Anna’s new life arrangements.

Josh Duggar: Return to

“Her family has helped children, especially her sister Priscilla and her husband David,” sources say.

“Anna has mostly moved, but she hasn’t made friends with Mrs. Labor yet,” the insider adds.

“Mrs. Labor doesn’t get along well, so she doesn’t really want her to be there.”

Josh Duggar on Election Day

In fact, Mrs. Labor doesn’t seem to really want it Josh Also there.

Insider says she thought the offer to contain Josh turned out to be meaningless because she thought she wouldn’t be granted bail.

She was even more disappointed when Josh’s lawyer later postponed his trial from July to November.

Zoo Josh Duggar

Now, with the rest of Rebers, Maria is forced to live with known sexual predators for at least the next three months.

“She was disappointed at the bail hearing, saying she didn’t feel safe with Josh alone.

It is unclear whether the incident at home contributed to Mrs. Labor’s allegations, but it is noteworthy. Someone in Labor’s house called 911 Josh’s first night dwelling.

Gender question

Meanwhile, the relationship between Anna and Josh’s parents continues to deteriorate.

“Anna is really struggling to arrest Josh, and she’s still at war with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle,” says the insider.

“She was pointing her finger at everyone else because of what happened to Josh, she fell with her family and isolated herself,” Source continues.

“Overall, this is a very difficult time for Anna and she hopes Josh will come down, but she believes he is worried about the consequences of the incident and the future of their family. . “

2017 Josh Duggar, Anna Dagger, Kids

Sources add that Dagger is not financially supporting Anna, despite the prospect of joining the workforce for the first time in her life while raising her own six children. I am.

Well, Anna’s situation is as bad as it is now, but it can get worse soon.

And she doesn’t seem to get the help of her famous in-law right away!

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