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Larry Phillips


I came upon an AP report about former NFL tight end Kellen Winslow II agreeing to a 14-year prison sentence for raping a homeless woman and assaulting two other women. 

“Winslow, 37, agreed (Feb. 19) to changes to a previous guilty plea in order to avoid a potential 18-year sentence,” according to AP.

The report described how Winslow was previously facing 18 years for a conviction of raping a 58-year-old homeless woman in Encinitas, Calif. However, he was also facing re-trials on a 2018 sexual battery of a 54-year-old hitchhiker in Encinitas and raping an unconscious teenager in 2003. 

He made a deal to plead guilty to both of those if the judge allowed the state to lower the rape of the teenager to assault with intent to rape. Naturally, the California judge allowed it so Winslow is facing a sentence for all three sexual assaults of only 14 years.

He got four years trimmed from his rape sentence by pleading guilty to two other rapes. Abhorrent, but that’s California.

It got me thinking about how many more women or children were victims of Winslow. The Lord only knows, but I know sexual assaults are tremendously underreported, and he admits he’s been at it since 2003 at least.

I’ve also discovered that recidivism is high with convicted sexual predators. While investigating several registered sex offenders some years ago living here in Liberal, I learned quite a few facts about recidivism.

  • Sex offenders are at least four times more likely than other criminals to be rearrested for a sex crime (Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2003).
  • Of the released sex offenders who committed another sex crime, 40 percent perpetrated the new offense within one year from their prison discharge, and the majority of the children they molested after leaving prison were aged 13 or younger (Department of Justice).

I, personally, wonder how many unreported offenses have happened in Liberal by our registered sex predators? Or, does local law enforcement look into this – ever?

We all know, to a degree, that 90 percent of child sexual abuse victims know their perpetrator, and many offenders (34 percent) are related to the child they abuse. 

But some may be surprised to learn that studies suggest that convicted sex offenders in prison represent less than 10 percent of all sex offenders living in the United States (Center for Sex Offender Management).

Just saying.

I got to thinking: How has the world-wide pandemic affected child sex abuse? I was astounded to see the needle is all over the place when comparing the United States (population 330 million) to Britain (population 68 million), for example.

I believe I’ve discovered some hijinks in a U.S. study – better known as “Fake News.” But you decide.

shores auction md article

“The coronavirus pandemic is ‘fuelling long-term changes’ to the threat posed by online sexual abusers, with children now facing ‘significant new risks,’ according to the country’s leading children’s charity,” reported Mark White, Home affairs correspondent for Sky News in London.

“The warning comes as analysis of the latest crime trends shows a 17 percent rise in online sex crimes against children in the months after the first COVID-19 lockdown,” according to White.

Some may be thinking, “Well this is only online assaults.” But White had more sinister data.

“The National Crime Agency (NCA) has assessed that there are at least 300,000 people posing a sexual threat to children in the UK, many of them using online sites to reach youngsters,” the article pointed out. “Over a six-month period after the first lockdown began last April, the NCA and police forces across the country made 4,760 arrests of suspected child sexual offenders.”

This danger has been accelerated with so many more millions of children having been forced to using computers to, “Go to school.”

In the United Kingdom, the Internet Watch Foundation reported a nearly 50 percent rise in reports of child abuse instances in just 11 weeks in 2020. It’s not just in Great Britain either.

“Sweden, despite having much more lax coronavirus restrictions than many other countries, also saw a surge of child rapes in 2020, with rape of underage victims driving the overall increase in rapes last year,” according to a Feb. 14 Brietbart report.

In the United States, reports are mixed, to say the least. According to an NBC News study, things aren’t that bad here at home.

“Preliminary data shows that reports of child abuse around the nation have plunged during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown, according to an NBC News analysis,” said a July 14, 2020, report by Julia Ingram and posted at www.nbcnews.com.

The analysts did couch that opening statement by adding, “Experts are concerned there could be an unseen surge in abuse behind closed doors.”

Ya think so?

Yet, the LA Times reported the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children took in 4.1-million reports of child cyber abuse in April, a fourfold increase over April 2019. 

It’s obvious, NBC is keeping a blanket pulled over the problem. An agenda maybe?

“Experts warned the growing number of unchecked reports comes as other safety nets for children have collapsed, children are becoming increasingly vulnerable, and sexual predators are getting bolder,” www.latimes.com posted. “With children stuck at home and away from their friends and teachers, reporting of suspected child abuse and neglect has fallen off dramatically.”

“Parents should make a point of talking to their kids about who it is they are chatting with online and how they know them, and of checking their browser histories,” wrote Kevin Recto at www.latimes.com.

Teachers’ unions say they want what’s best for the kids. 


Who else is getting sick and tired of the lies from these unionists/socialists?

For those striking teachers across the country: Get back in the classrooms, for our children’s sake.

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