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For a Dragonborn looking for love, the land of Skyrim holds no shortage of romantic possibilities. From Riften to Solitude, the player can befriend plenty of NPCs who turn out to be looking for something more. But of the dozens of potential brides and grooms, is the Dragonborn really the best match for each of them?

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In observing some of these characters, it’s hard not to wonder if they would pair better with somebody else. Some of the game’s most appealing marriage candidates seem to have deep bonds with other characters or are simply more compatible with someone else.

10 Brelyna Maryon & Marcurio

Brelyna Maryon and Marcurio

An apprentice at the College of Winterhold and a sellsword based in Riften, Brelyna and Marcurio don’t cross paths in the game. However, it’s easy to imagine Marcurio’s travels taking him up to Winterhold, especially with his interest in magic.

The two of them share an adventurous spirit and a passion for the magical arts. With her inventive nature and his eagerness to blast magic every which way, Brelyna and Marcurio would make a magnificent pair, both in battle and in arcane study.

9 Dravynea the Stoneweaver & Roggi Knot-Beard

In the little town of Kynesgrove, Dravynea uses her magical prowess to ensure the miners stay safe from pits and steam vents. Her work is largely thankless, as several of the townsfolk berate her, except for Roggi, who shows her kindness and friendship.

Both Dravynea and Roggi are eligible marriage candidates for the Dragonborn; however, they’re better suited to each other. Dialogue between the two of them shows that he is willing to stand up for her, while she genuinely cares about his well-being in the mines.

8 Ysolda & Belethor

Ysolda and Belethor

Ysolda is a whip-smart, eager, and aspiring trader; Belethor is a cunning and savvy merchant. The two of them would make a mercantile power couple, capable of creating the richest trading dynasty in Whiterun Hold. With his shrewd business sense, it’s hard to imagine Belethor could resist a woman who bests him in trade negotiations.

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Belethor’s abrasive jokes can be off-putting to some, but clever Ysolda can match him deftly. It’s easy to imagine them engaging in a lively partnership.

7 Balimund & Constance Michel

Balimund and Constance Michel

Riften’s resident blacksmith is kindhearted and giving. He took in his apprentice, Asbjorn Fire-Tamer, when Asbjorn was a child in Honorhall Orphanage. With his paternal nature, who better to partner with than sweet and gentle Constance Michel?

Left in charge of Honorhall after Grelod’s death, Constance tries to give the children a better life than her predecessor did. It’s easy to imagine her and Balimund forming a tender connection, and working together to turn the orphanage into a place where children feel loved and cared for.

6 Sorex Vinius & Vivienne Onis

Sorex Vinius and Vivienne Onis

Sorex mentions having had a crush on Vivienne when they were younger, and some of his dialogue hints that his feelings haven’t gone away. A conversation with Evette San reveals that he brings Vivienne gifts and still tries to win her favor.

A hardworking, jovial man, Sorex has the same humorous nature as Vivienne, who often makes witty and lighthearted quips while working alongside her aunt in the apothecary. A union between the two of them would be full of laughter and love.

5 Quintus Navale & Ingun Black-Briar

Quintus Navale and Ingun Black-Briar

Two apprentices eager to learn, Quintus and Ingun have a lot in common, despite living in different Holds. With their shared interest in alchemy, it’s not hard to imagine them talking for hours about their favorite mixtures.

It’s not impossible that they could meet, either. Perhaps Quintus might journey to the Rift to collect ingredients. Wedding Quintus and moving to Windhelm to help him run the White Phial would finally get Ingun out from under her mother’s thumb and give Quintus a worthy partner in his work.

4 Muiri & Yngvar the Singer

Muiri and Yngvar the Singer

Muiri has been deeply hurt before and could use someone who truly cares for her. Yngvar, a sensitive and soulful former bard, may be just the man she needs. With her emotional nature, Yngvar could easily woo lovely Muiri with his poetry.

Both Muiri and Yngvar have a certain intensity about them. Muiri is eager for vengeance against those who have wronged her, and Yngvar is always ready for a bloody fight. The combination might be volatile, but they match each other’s passionate natures.

3 Jenassa & Gabriella

A mercenary frequenting the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun, Jenassa has a lust for killing and a talent for stealth. She prefers to lurk in the shadows, waiting to strike. It’s only natural she’d be drawn to someone who operates the same way, like Gabriella, a seasoned Dark Brotherhood member.

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At each others’ side, this pair of wily Dunmer killers would be unstoppable. Their personalities also complement each other well; Gabriella’s sardonic sense of humor matches well with Jenassa’s occasional sarcastic remarks. After all, even assassins need someone to love.

2 Mjoll the Lioness & Aerin

Mjoll the Lioness and Aerin

Aerin saved Mjoll’s life after he found her bleeding out in front of a Dwemer ruin. Now, she lives with him in Riften, determined to solve the problems in his city. The two are nearly inseparable, even if the player does marry Mjoll.

Clearly, the two of them share a deep connection, which is little wonder considering what Aerin did for Mjoll. Perhaps he is shy about making a move on a bold, independent woman like her, but the two deserve to fulfill their feelings for each other.

1 Aela the Huntress & Skjor

Aela the Huntress and Skjor

Plenty of whispers circulate Jorrvaskr about these two. Njada Stone-Arm asks Aela if she and Skjor were involved due to a rising speculation that Aela crushes a little too hastily. Dialogue between Aela and Skjor reveals that they often hunt together in their werewolf form at night.

Though the rumors about them are never confirmed, Aela’s outrage after Skjor’s death during “The Silver Hand” suggests that he meant a great deal to her. Despite Skjor’s demise, he and Aela still should have had the chance to fulfill their romance.

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