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Here are Checklist’s 10 top tips for all things family-related – from essential travel goodies to keep kids safe to top quality pet care.

A much-needed boost for your dream home deposit

It seems as though every day, UK house prices are becoming increasingly unattainable – whether you’re already on the property ladder ot not.

So, now more than ever, people need that extra helping hand when it comes to building a decent deposit to land the home of their dreams.

Proportunity helps buyers with a 5% deposit afford a home they love by boosting their budget by up to £150,000.

Their equity loan gives you a bigger budget by helping you borrow up to 6 times your income rather than the standard 4.5, meaning a lot more choice and a lot less compromising. It could mean that you don’t need to give up that dream garden you had your eye on, or enable you to move a street closer to that amazing school for your kids.

A leg-up like this could also save you time, ensuring your money can be invested into your future sooner rather than being wasted on rent while you try to put those extra pennies aside.

Proportunity can also offer helpful buying advice thanks to their property market technology, which can tell you where the best places to buy are and what a property is really worth.

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FCA ref: 716565 

Claim back what you’re owed 

Do you think you’ve ever been mis-sold catalogue credit? Or perhaps you felt the credit was completely unaffordable?

Well, you’re not alone. There are many individuals who have found themselves stuck in a payday loan debt cycle. And no wonder; some household brands have been known to charge as much as 44% APR, while other leading catalogues do not run sufficient credit checks making them accessible to vulnerable customers when they shouldn’t be.

It’s a vicious cycle – but it’s not inescapable, thanks to Forces Compare. Already, they have helped reclaim over £50million in compensation claims from payday and high interest lenders.

All you need to do is check your eligibility. If when you applied for your credit you found the fees or charges were not clear, were unable to pay household bills as a result of repayments or were encouraged to borrow further, you can submit a claim to Forces Compare’s Online system and potentially get the money you’re owed back.

It only takes five minutes to check your eligibility, but it could mean getting your hands on historical compensation to relieve financial burden.

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FCA Ref: 785329 

Spruce up your wardrobe

As we phase back to normality, many of us are partaking in a much-needed wardrobe audit. After all, we can’t return to the office in our loungewear and pyjamas…

While a complete fashion overhaul can be an expensive affair, there are ways of doing it without it costing the earth, thanks to BrandAlley.co.uk.

BrandAlley.co.uk is the UK’s leading designer flash sales website, and is home to hundreds of the best high-profile labels across women’s, men’s and kids’ fashion, as well as a whole host of other offerings in beauty, home and lifestyle. Members can enjoy savings of up to 80% off their favourite brands, with new daily sales (and discounts) delivered directly to their inbox.

These exclusive flash sales run for up to a week and are filled with in-demand pieces from coveted brands, including Ralph Lauren, Crew Clothing, Joules and many more. For an instant luxury hit, members can also shop the permanent designer treasure trove – The Outlet – where everything is shoppable with an immediate dispatch.

To access these exclusive deals, all you need to do is sign up with your e-mail address – it truly is as simple as that. However, you’ll have to move quickly, as these exceptional offers don’t last for long!

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Earn money from home and change young peoples’ lives

As the world returns to normal, many parents will be going back to the office and finding themselves in urgent need of childcare. And you could be their knight in shining armour.

If you’re looking for a rewarding career, or maybe you’re a parent coming to the end of their maternity leave, you could help support other families and their children by becoming a childminder with Tiney.

Signing up as a Tiney childminder enables you to work from home, manage your own schedule and spend time with children.

It’s also a career that’s set to be in high demand as we approach September and the start of a new school year, so there has never been a better time to start – whether it’s as a total career change or to supplement an existing income.

Tiney childminders can earn up to £70,000 a year and be ready to trade in as little as four weeks. As an Ofsted-approved childminding agency and cutting-edge tech company, Tiney is here to help you launch your career in early years childcare.

The Info: Click here to sign up and find out more.

Safe travels

We finally have the freedom to get out and about again – and with the school holidays upon us, it’s prime time to get prepared for a family adventure in the sun.

If you’re in need of a new car seat for your holiday, look no further than Axkid ONE.

Axkid ONE is the only i-Size rear-facing ISOFIX seat on the market approved up to 125cm/23kg, meaning it can keep your little ones safe up to the age of 6 years old – ideal as rear-facing travel is up to five times safer for children when travelling in the car.

Built with an innovative aluminium and hardened steel design to form a lightweight safety frame, the Axkid One weighs up to 30% less than other rear-facing car seats, with the whole seat weighing less than 10kg.

Add to this unbeatable comfort and legroom and you have the ideal car seat for summer holiday travels, the school run and much, much more.

The Axkid ONE is the only ISOFIX car seat with these maximum limits to pass the Swedish Plus Test and its high demands on crash safety.*

The Info: Click here to find out more.

*The Plus Test is a voluntary Swedish Crash test with a higher speed and shorter braking distance making the crash violence much higher and therefore one of the toughest tests to pass. All Axkid rear-facing car seats are Plus Tested.

Treatment for nappy rash and minor burns

Is your bundle of joy suffering with nappy rash? According to NHS statistics, up to a third of babies and tots will suffer with this uncomfortable condition at any one time.

For this reason, it’s important for all parents to have an effective solution in their arsenal that can bring relief and help this painful ailment whenever it strikes.

Luckily, that’s where Brulidine Cream can help.

Ideal for babies and children, this antiseptic and antibacterial cream can be used to treat a whole array of conditions including minor wounds and ailments of the skin, such as nappy rash. Brulidine cream can help protect both you and your baby from infection and keep wounds clean as they heal.

For nappy rash, Brulidine is designed to soothe and heal broken and inflamed skin. For more severe cases, Brulidine’s antiseptic and antibacterial properies can kill the bacteria and fungi that worsen the rash, helping calm your baby and get them back to their happy selves quicker.

Brulidine is also easily applied. Simply clean the affected area then apply a pea-sized amount two to three times a day for as long as required. Always read the label.

The Info: Click here to find out more.

A one-stop shop for pets

Our pets are like family to us, so we want only the best for them – no matter whether our furry friends are big or small.

Enter Animed Direct. As one of the biggest online sellers of pet food and supplies, they know not only how important our pets are to us but also how expensive looking after them can be – particularly when you want the best for them.

Because of this, they offer quality products at great prices so you can save money without compromise.

On the website, products are categorised by animal and listed under healthcare, diet and nutrition and accessories so it’s easy to find what you need, be it a cooling dog jacket for summer or a toy for your new kitten.

Animed Direct can also help with the welfare of your pet, even if they have a long term health condition such as diabetes or heart disease. They provide a range of supplements as well as special diets.

The Info: Click here to find out more.

Curious about CBD?

CBD products are becoming increasingly popular among professional athletes to families – but why?

Many users claim that this natural oil sourced from the hemp plant can help with all manner of wellbeing issues, from managing anxiety and sleep problems to easing pain or improving focus.

If CBD is something you have considered trying yourself or for your family, you’ll likely have found the market a confusing place, with brands offering wildly differing prices, claims and application methods. It can feel impossible to get your head around it.

However, CB.Do is hoping to change that.

This 100% vegan, 100% natural, 100% legal, 100% environmentally friendly and 0% THC CBD product takes the form of one-a-day tablets with the exact amount of CBD along with other multivitamins to support various lifestyles. Simple.

Each tablet is made using water-soluble CBD oil powder, which is considered to be more easily absorbed by the body. So, whatever you’re hoping to use CBD for, CB.Do could be an easy way to do it.

The Info: Click here to find out more and take advantage of exclusive Daily Mail discount code DM50 to get 50% off your order.

The perfect thank you for teachers

Never have we had such great respect for our teachers. So, after one of the toughest periods for schools and families, it seems only right to treat the teacher in your life to something special as the end of term approaches.  

The One4all Gift Card is the perfect way to do just this. It can be loaded with any amount between £10 – £120, making it a great option for those gifting alone or as a group. Buy from your local Post Office, Tesco or at one4all.com.

But the real beauty of it isn’t the ease of gifting – it’s the flexibility it offers to the recipient.

With the One4all Thank You Teacher Gift Card, teachers can then treat themselves to whatever they want at over 55,000 stores nationwide, including high street favourites such as John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Argos, and many more.

If you want to make it a gift to remember, opt for the One4all Digital Gift Card and personalise it with a video, photo and message before sending via email or text message for that extra special touch.

The Info: Click here to find out more. 

WIN! A swimwear gift voucher worth £200!

Sun’s out, trunks out! It’s beach season and we’re all packing our cossies for long weekends filled with sun, sand and sea.

If you and the family want to make waves with your beachwear this season, check out Robert & Son swimwear.

Inspired by all the things that make the perfect beach holiday – from sailing and surfing to simply chilling at the seaside – Robert & Son offer stylish yet durable swimwear for the whole family. And, most excitingly, there are matching designs so the whole family can hit the beach in sync.

It’s not just swimming costumes and trunks to choose from either; there are hats, T-shirts and a wealth of other accessories available.

Plus, Robert & Son has just opened its first ever Beachwear Boutique in Holt, North Norfolk so you can browse their awesome designs in person. Swing by ahead of your next getaway to meet the team and prepare your family for their most fashionable summer yet.

Or if you enter our exclusive competition, you could go win a £200 gift voucher to go on a summer spending spree there. Click below to enter – good luck!

The Info: Click here to find out more.

PLUS, click here for your chance to win.

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