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A fundraiser has been launched to pay the  quarantine hotel  fees for a heartbroken Scot mourning the loss of her sister

A fundraiser has been launched to pay the quarantine hotel fees for a heartbroken Scot mourning the loss of her sister.

Billie Gray has been forced to isolate after travelling from Sweden to Scotland as the sudden death of her sibling does not entitle her to a ‘compassionate grounds’ exemption.

The 27-year-old had to say goodbye to her sibling Maryanne, 48, over the phone as she lost her fight for life at the on Monday.

Billie had then spent ‘every penny of her savings’ on returning home to be with her mother but has now been slapped with huge covid hotel bills.

She must now fork out an unexpected £1750 bill on top of the £920 she had already forked out for flights and coronavirus tests in Stockholm.

Maryanne Gray died from kidney and liver failure (Image: Supplied)

But friends are rallying around the devastated sister to cover the ‘ridiculous’ costs as she grieves alone at the coronavirus instead of at home in Fife.

Pal Kayleigh, who went to school with Billie in Kirkcaldy, set up the Gofundme page.

The 27-year-old set up the Gofundme page said: “I was shocked when I heard the news, her sister was a big part of her life. It is really heartbreaking.

“I just think we should take some of the pressure off her hands by covering the hotel costs.

“It would be good to show her a bit of support as this has been hard on her family.

“The target is £2,000 to cover the bill for her stay at the hotel.

“She was a good friend to me in school and helped me a lot. Since she has a lot on her mind at the minute I want to help her.”

Billie has been working in Sweden since August and believed she would be able to isolate at her mother’s home in Fife after providing two negative tests.

But when she landed at Edinburgh Airport on Friday morning, Billie was told she would be unable to pass through border control unless she agreed to quarantine at a nearby hotel and pay out.

A tearful Billie previously said she feels she is being treated ‘like a terrorist in jail’ after being followed around the DoubleTree by Hilton car park by security staff.

She said: “My sister died in hospital from kidney and liver failure on the 22nd of February.

“She was on a ventilator and I had to say goodbye to her over a phone screen.

“I’ve been trying to get home ever since and everything I looked at online said that given the circumstances I’m in, if I bought two covid tests and got negative results I could self isolate at home with my mother.

“But as soon as I landed at Edinburgh Airport this morning, they let everybody through the border but the man there was adamant that I had to go to the quarantine hotel.

“He said I wasn’t passing the border unless I paid for it. I tried to explain that I had spent every penny of my savings travelling to Stockholm to get a test to fly back to Scotland.

“Then I was handed over to another man who basically made me phone the government and agree to pay for the hotel, which I can’t afford, in instalments.

“I wasn’t allowed to leave unless I did that.

“I was brought to the hotel and I’ve been trying to go outside to call my family but every time I leave the hotel for fresh, I’ve got yellow hi-viz jackets following me.

“I feel like I’m a terrorist who is being kept in a cell. I’ve been told that if I leave I’ll be arrested and detained.

“They said I might not be able to go back to Sweden where I volunteer with snow dogs.

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