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Check out the leading and ear-friendly headsets for your kids.

With kid-friendly media and games rising rapidly, there has been a significant demand for headsets for kids. There are special headsets for kids- the ones designed not to harm their ears and hearing abilities. Children have smaller ears, and their ear canals are shorter too. As such, for continuous listening, they need special headsets that wouldn’t harm them.

Best Headsets for Kids

Many ear specialists suggest over-the-ear headphones for young children as they are more comfortable. Some of the best headsets for kids are as follows:

Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Premium Kids Headphones

Price: $80

This headset is one of the best for kids, with a volume limiter feature to control the kid’s sound. The headset also has a reasonable aluminium frame and efficient noise-cancelling features.

Use for: volume limiter feature, aluminium frame and noise cancelling

Puro Sound Labs Junior Jams

Price: $60

These less-expensive volume-limiting headphones can be used both with a cord or an active Bluetooth connection. The headset has good sound quality and an aluminium frame in addition to a daisy-chain system whereby two kids sitting together can listen simultaneously.

kids headset Headsets for Kids Kids Friendly Headsets

Use for: good sound quality, aluminium frame, active Bluetooth and daisy-chain system

Onanoff Buddyphones Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones

Price: $25

This is an award-winning headset specially crafted for kids. It has beautiful stickers and can also be folded and packed during traveling. The device’s soft padded sit fluidly on the ears and a plastic frame that makes it easy even during or bending.  Listeners will also get an audio jack with which the device can be shared with other listeners.

Headsets for Kids Kids Friendly Headsets kids headset for Kids

Use for: foldable and travel-friendly, and shareable audio jack

JLab Audio JBuddies Kids Volume Limiting Headphones

Price: $20

These headsets have a volume knob on each for the parents to adjust the volume for them. Users also get a lifetime warranty. The sound quality, however, is not as efficient as its counterparts.

Kids Friendly Headsets kids headset for Kids Headsets for Kids

Use for: lifetime warranty, sound quality and volume knob for parent control

Kidz Gear Wired Headphones for Kids

Price: $10

These lightweight headphones give a clear and enhanced sound that can be adjusted efficiently. The volume-limiting adapter caps keep the sound levels at 82 decibels, and the headsets come with a lifetime warranty.

kids headset for Kids Kids Friendly Headsets Headsets for Kids

Use for: clear sound, adjustable design, volume-limiting adapter and lifetime warraty

LilGadgets Untangled Pro Premium Children’s Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $50

These wireless headphones are suitable for kids age four and above. They are cushioned and have perforated mesh that doesn’t make it heavier on the kid’s ears. The headsets are durable and are best for use in Bluetooth mode.

Kids Friendly Headsets Headsets for Kids kids headset for Kids

Use for: cushioned, perforated mesh, lightweight, durable and best for bluetooth

LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones With SharePort

Price: $17

This headset is foldable and has two ports for connecting multiple headphones. The headset’s maximum volume is set 1-2 above the recommended 85 decibels, which means parents need to monitor the kids.

Kids Friendly Headsets kids headset for Kids Headsets for Kids

Use for: foldable, multiple ports, and parent control

CozyPhones Kids Headphones with Ultra-Thin Speakers and Fleece Headband

Price: $13

These ultrathin speakers come with a soft headband that makes strapping in the headphone too comfortable. The headsets are available in several designs like cats, unicorns, pandas, foxes, sharks, Batman, and Sesame Street characters. The headphones have efficient safety features for the kids.

kids headset for Kids Headsets for Kids Kids Friendly Headsets

Use for: ultrathin design, comfortable, multiple designs and safety features

Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe-Listening Earphones

Price: $40

These earbuds are super small and easily fits into the small ears of the kids. They have noise-isolating seals that block out any noise. The earbuds also have useful tips for different sizes for kids.

Kids Friendly Headsets kids headset for Kids Headsets for Kids

Use for: small and easy fit, noise-isolating seals and useful tips for different sizes for kids

LilGadgets BestBuds Volume Limited In-Ear Headphones

Price: $18

These headsets are best for kids aged group 6 and above. The headsets come with a tangle-free audio cable with an inline microphone with play, pause, and call-answering features. The headsets also come with a good travel case and a splitter to plug in more headphones to the device.

Kids Friendly Headsets Headsets for Kids headset for Kids

Use for: tangle-free audio cable, inline microphone, good travel case, call features, and multiple ports


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